I'm still here

I'm just swamped with exciting developments. I'll be able to reveal all soon but for now please excuse my absence just a tad longer. Here's a little tease.

Went to the trade fairs in Sydney weeks ago and didn't buy these for my house. Bought the big one below instead. Bad iPhone pics sorry! Sourced lots of wonderful little and not so little things for the the big thing I am not allowed to talk about yet.

Was involved in opening this ... still waiting for some more floor lighting and a huge mirror to go where the ladder is. They swear it is on a truck coming from Melbourne ...

And working on this... that's all I can show you for now otherwise I will have to kill you. Lots of pics and details soon when all can be revealed. So excited.


A little omen

Thank you for all your kind words. I have found it difficult to revisit the last post. The thought of that cheeky little feathered bugger still makes me tear up. Things will be OK though. The new old house moves on and brings a smile to my face when I least expect it.

It has been a wild and woolly wet weekend here in Queensland. An ex tropical cyclone has tracked down the coast dumping hundreds and hundreds of millimeters of rain. My town is about to flood again. We are safe on our hill but my heart goes out to those who will lose their homes and possessions to the water and mud for a second time in two years. With gale force winds and horizontal rain there was little we could do on this Australia Day long weekend, so we worked on the house. Scraping, scraping, scraping away the paint to expose the bricks in the breezeway. A slow process but, I hope, a worthwhile one. Then I found this under layers of old paint. A little drawing of a bird in flight left there a long, long time ago. Even if I hate the "shabby" exposed brick and decide to repaint I'll leave this small part of the wall just as it is. For Puki.



It is a sad time in the new old house. My beloved feathered baby Puki died suddenly yesterday. My husband raced him to the vet but he was already gone. We don't know what was wrong and couldn't bring ourselves to allow an autopsy. It doesn't matter how. What matters is that he is gone. I can't believe how much I came to love that funny little bird in the 18 months we had him. I have no recent photos of him but at least I have my painting in my office. Perhaps I'll finish it now. Love you Puki.


How does my garden grow?

Do you know I uploaded that photo above on January 1? Today is January 13. I had so many plans for the few days I had off after New Years Day. Then I came down with what could only be described as a killer head cold. 5 days lost in a snuffly haze of dirty tissues and unbearable grumpiness. The very first day I felt better was the day I actually had to go back to work. Typical :)

This last week hasn't been much better with a bout of what I am assuming is arthritis in my left ankle. Nothing nicer than a week of hobbling around the office explaining to everyone that no it isn't a sprained ankle and yes I do have a doctor's appointment. Enough of my whinging though. What has been happening in the new old house? Nothing much. The veggie garden has progressed even more and we have eaten our first button squash and zucchinis. I have even given away bags of freshly picked lettuce leaves and silverbeet. I think we should be able to pick our first eggplants in a week. Yum!

The floor in the breezeway has ground to a halt. I have been too unwell and the bloody paint has proved very stubborn to remove. I have a sneaking suspicion that a high pressure hose would help but think of the mess and water inside the house! This one is a slow DIY job or perhaps we'll give in and get someone in to strip it. A 50 year old woman with arthritis shouldn't be crawling round on her hands and knees stripping floors. That's my excuse anyway.

The exciting thing was that when I was avoiding the hard dirty work of stripping the stubborn layers of paint off the floor I decided to start peeling back the paint on the old bricks ... as you do. Don't finish one job and start another. Here's a tiny peek at the first bits I peeled away. I have done more since and it looks cool. All distressed and olde worlde industrial crap like (that's a trademarked phrase in case you were thinking of using it). It is coming off very easily with a paint scraper and with the help of a wire brush I am getting old brick here and there. I'm hoping when I'm finished it will look like Anouk Cafe in Paddington. I stole these pics from here.

It has been hellishly hot all over Australia this week with heatwave conditions (days above 40 common and nights that don't drop below 25) and fires burning in many states. This is the smoke one day this week when I got home. The nearest fire was well over 75km away but the smoke was blowing in on the seabreeze. I can normally see Brisbane and mountains from my front verandah.

Apologies for not much more progress around the house. Hopefully I will have exciting news to tell you soon. About work and a new business and a change of career path. Oooops I've jinxed it now!


New art

Picked these up at the SIZE MATTERS III: the end is nigh exhibition at the SWICH Contemporary Art Space. A great source for small affordable art by local artists. Here's a closer look using images from SWICH's facebook page... the flare off the acrylic is killin' me.

Elk - mixed media on board by Anita Kroeger

Ain't she pretty, pretty, pretty? - acrylic & collage on ply by Craig Amos