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Bolivian 10 Centavos, Soviet era badges and Furoshiki

I was asked at the last moment to help my friend Grant at another vintage fashion fair on Saturday. Hard work but I'm glad I did. Here are some of the treasures I picked up when not slaving over a vintage fashion stall flogging off cat eye glasses, diamante brooches and skin tight rockabilly leopard print dresses.

This necklace is from South America. I'm guessing Bolivia because it s covered in dozens of 10 Centavos ranging in date from 1905 to 1939. I adore ethnic jewellery, I adore textiles and I adore large jewellery. Scored on all points. I'll use this for display but I'm sure I will be tempted to wear it out every so often.

I love Soviet era badges. CCCP and East German as far as I can tell. My husband has a big old black denim jacket that he has pinned with a few and now he has 10 more. Punk meets Communism.

This hand painted silk Furoshiki/scarf is a present for a friend who collects Japanese textiles although I'm seriously tempted to keep it.


How about a retro Danish Rya rug? Groovy oranges and only $40. I think this one will be moving around the house until I find the right home. Picked up a small white hide too but it is airing on the line at the moment.

The ladder was propped against the wall because my husband was about to climb up to adjust the digital antenna. Remember he is blind. I told him I wouldn't call an ambulance if he fell. I have shots of the fair too but I'll have to pop them up another time. I can smell dinner in the oven so I better run and check to make sure it's not burning.


Sunrise colours

Very, very early this morning I had a couple of visitors as I worked on the computer. Puki and Portia perched on Kelvin's shoulder. The light was just starting to slant through the windows of my office so I grabbed my camera and took some snaps of them posing before Puki's portrait which is hanging for the moment over the fireplace. Here's Puki. Handsome little devil.

Portia is growing in her adult plumage so is just a little scruffy. Typical teenager. Definitely not shy she pushes to the front every time.

Love their feathers in the yellow morning light. I think Puki was still half asleep. Portia was definitely the one showing off for the camera. We have these two for up to 30 years now and they should start breeding when they are around 3 years old. Phew! We still have a year or two before we hear the cheep cheep cheep of baby birds. Lots of time for these two to bond.



Living room

Early morning light just before my visitors, Anita from Fun and VJs and Katherine from The Old Boathouse, arrived a few days ago. Nothing too precious (I have a blind husband and a big fat guide dog remember), everything thrifted, eBay or secondhand store except my splurge on a beni ouarain, my PNG totem, some lack shelves on the wall and the cane stools we had made in Bali. Still need curtains and a pendant light but it is slow and steady at the new old house. Everything will come in time. This is the room's winter incarnation. The focus was around the firplace. I can feel a change coming on for summer.


Spring cleaning

I have friends coming to visit tomorrow (I'm on a week's rec leave) and it was definitely time to spring clean. You know what happens when you start to clean? You start to rearrange the furniture. Well I do. I needed a little change to my first floor landing. Something a little boho. Somewhere to curl up with the phone. This is what I came up with. I know, I know. I really should get that love seat upholstered not just draped with an ikat but I might change my mind by next week. I doubt it though. That retro couch looks good in Indonesian textile.

Of course only after I took the photos did I notice that one of the Vietnamese silk lampshades had collapsed. Better get the ladder out and fix that ... if I can reach. Here's what it looked like before.

But my office doesn't look like that anymore. I started dragging furniture around in there after I finished the landing. Here's a teaser. More to come later. I have a rug that needs cleaning ... and some windows ... and the verandah.


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