Rove Concepts

Favourite things

I love my beni ourain rug. So soft. So thick. Bitch to keep clean. I send it out almost every year to be washed and in between it gets a regular shampoo. The reason why it gets so dirty so quickly? Four legs and a fur coat by the name of Mickey the wonder dog. It's his favourite spot to curl up. Oh well the price we pay for pretty things.

P.S. Also love my vintage Tanderra chairs. Thick leather seats, chunky timber pole legs and aluminium struts. By Brisbane furniture designer Robert Dunlop in the mid-70s.



That awkward little spot at the bottom of the stairs. From previous owner's furniture to now ... well I've changed it again already. My very first iMovie and probably my last :P

P.S. Watch out for the sound level. Just a bit loud sorry but you've got to love some Bowie at my age.


Collections #10

Copper coffee pots and kettles. Vintage of course.



Birds in the garden

Just keeping a list of the native birds we have seen in the garden, in the neighbour's large trees and flying overhead. Need to keep the list somewhere because I keep losing track. For the past five years we have been trying to make our garden bird friendly with nectar flowers and bird baths. It also helps to be surrounded by towering old gum trees and have a wildlife reserve a block away and I guess our own caged birds attract their freestyling friends into the yard. Of course it would be lovely to have a photos of them all but who is carrying a camera or a phone when the feathered visitors come calling?

The list:

rainbow lorikeet, king parrot, galah, corella, sulphur crested cockatoo, sacred kingfisher, kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, boobook owl, currawong, magpie, crow, peewee, spangled drongo, common koel (stormbird), pheasant coucal, butcher bird, noisy miner, crested pigeon, spotted turtle dove, brush turkey, blue faced honey eater, fig bird, willie wagtail, superb fairy-wren, silver eye, brown honey eater and hear a bellbird and a whipbird every so often but haven't sighted them.


Top of the stairs

Grey day. Top of the stairs.

Sunny day. Top of the stairs.