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Collections #8

I love anything rusty but I'll let you in on a secret. I'm impatient. If it ain't all red and rusty to begin with I've been know to whip out the Porter's Liquid Iron and Instant Rust. The only thing real in this group is the old lantern. The rest started life as wood and metal and glass and ceramic.


How cute!

I've always loved Coral & Tusk's embroideries. The little soft toys, the patches and pins. Now they are selling their designs by the yard. The mind boogles with possibilities. Yes they are cute as tablecloths and runners but as upholstery fabric? Oh yes please. Foxes and bears and feathers on wing back chairs in an otherwise stuffy "gentleman's room". Imagine a canapé, an ottoman, curtains, the backs of dining chairs and don't even get me started on their embroidered indigo range.



No not super bum, superbum as in Platycerium superbum or staghorn fern. I'm addicted and have several in my garden as well as elkhorns. Ever since I saw STAGHORN on Instagram (@staghornhome) I want to fill my house with them. Melbourne based plant stylist & horticulturist Monique Plunkettis the creative force behind these plaque designs. Whether staghorns, cute little elkhorns or even the kokedama version they're all totally superb!


Living in the shop

I swear I'd move straight in. I've had a huge crush on Bonnie and Neil for years and now they have a bricks and mortar store in Brunswick, Melbourne. Swoon!

Via Vogue Living (photography by Armelle Habib) and Bonnie and Neil's instagram.