Collections #10

Copper coffee pots and kettles. Vintage of course.



Birds in the garden

Just keeping a list of the native birds we have seen in the garden, in the neighbour's large trees and flying overhead. Need to keep the list somewhere because I keep losing track. For the past five years we have been trying to make our garden bird friendly with nectar flowers and bird baths. It also helps to be surrounded by towering old gum trees and have a wildlife reserve a block away and I guess our own caged birds attract their freestyling friends into the yard. Of course it would be lovely to have a photos of them all but who is carrying a camera or a phone when the feathered visitors come calling?

The list:

rainbow lorikeet, king parrot, galah, corella, sulphur crested cockatoo, sacred kingfisher, kookaburra, tawny frogmouth, boobook owl, currawong, magpie, crow, peewee, spangled drongo, common koel (stormbird), pheasant coucal, butcher bird, noisy miner, crested pigeon, spotted turtle dove, brush turkey, blue faced honey eater, fig bird, willie wagtail, superb fairy-wren, silver eye, brown honey eater and hear a bellbird and a whipbird every so often but haven't sighted them.


Top of the stairs

Grey day. Top of the stairs.

Sunny day. Top of the stairs.



Collections #9

Clam shells. One day I'll have a big old daddy clam shell and I'll settle it into the dirt in the garden and fill it with water for the dog. Large ones are difficult to find and mega expensive as the clams are now protected in the wild and anything you'll come across is vintage or copies made of resin.  In the meantime just a few baby shells. Biggest is 40cm. Bought these over the years at thrift stores for a few dollars. Maybe I'll stalk the neighbourhood looking for large shells hidden here and there in the gardens of the old houses.

P.S. Looks like I have a thing for large scallop shells as well :)


Debbie Carlos

I've loved Debbie Carlos' halftone printed posters for years now. Love the images, love the newsprint look, love the size and the price. I even have a couple ... in a tube in a cupboard. I think I should stop waiting for the perfect frame and just put them up somewhere. Poster style. A project for this weekend perhaps?