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DHgate has all for travelling


One more for the wish list

I'm crushing on the new kitchen range by deVOL Kitchens and Sebastian Cox, especially the freestanding kitchen cabinet and this video just makes me want it more.


Wish list

Artisan beauty by Copenhagen-based Overgaard & Dyrman.


Collections #6

Creamware bowls and teapots. I'll pick up these vintage bowls whenever and wherever I find them and use them everyday. I have quite a few more but they are packed away in a box. The teapots are a new thing.


The next chapter in the veranda saga

In which the rain clouds disappear at last, the railings come down, posts are found to be more rotten than thought, more posts are procured and a least one new railing panel goes up. A little bit of progress but enough to make me realise how much better the house is going to look. Perhaps the rest of the railings will be up tomorrow. Then the new decking. But that's another chapter.


Wish list

Can't make up my mind if I want the army green or the indigo. Actually everything on L.A based designer Stephen Kenn's website is on my wish list.