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Woke up this morning and what did I find?

I bought an old table in a thrift store a month or two ago. Nothing special but it was solid wood and cheap - $30. I thought I would have it dipped (I'm sick of stripping paint off myself) and maybe use it by the back door as a potting table. It is a horrendous burgundy/mahogany colour ... that colour of  hair dye that women of a certain age should never ever use. I was hoping that by sending it to the dipper/stripper most of this finish would dissolve away. The table disappeared and I thought my husband had sent it off for me. He had but for something different. I had remarked in passing that it would be great with a zinc/galvanized top. Woke up this morning and this is what I found.

The old table had a zinc top. Kelvin had found a sheet metal worker to cover it for me. Great! One problem. He hadn't sent it to be stripped first. I have a job to do after all. Maybe I will strip it by hand except I have a feeling that I won't get all that purple red stain off. Time to paint I think. Grey? Off-white? Maybe a sagey, olively dirty green.

Kelvin had placed it carefully on the front veranda. He put down a rug, arranged chairs around it and even popped two candles on top. There are two tables out there at the moment. The neighbours must love how Kelvin arranges the furniture. We are carrying it down the front stairs and out the back when I finish this post.

The zinc man told us that it will age with time and that we can smear water across it to help it along. He did say that if we are impatient diluted hydrochloric acid really works. Where are my rubber gloves, goggles and mask? That sounds like my sort of furniture restoration!


Second best

Apologies for not blogging here for a couple of weeks. So busy. So much going on but not much about the house unfortunately. I promise more photos tomorrow but for now here is a small trophy/dish I found today. I fell in love. Imagine getting a prize for second best ... OK I realise it is second place in the best and fairest competition but I like my version better. I think I'll pop it on my desk and chuckle every time I see it.


moments ago

It's 5 in the morning. I have been on this computer for an hour getting blog work done. Time to go get ready for work and then the daily commute. Look who is still in bed. Sorry for the blurry photo. I don't do tripods at 5 in the morning.


What I bought at one of the biggest vintage clothing fairs in Brisbane this year ...

... a Holmegaard clear glass 'Cluck Cluck' decanter, designed by Jacob E. Bang (we have a few of these already in different sizes) and an old chippy pink enamel butter dish. Snapped these up before the day started with intentions of strolling back to the other stalls as the day wore on. Never happened. Maybe next time. Clothes? No I was never there for the clothes :)

Just had to say thank you to Mickey and Kelvin for this week's flowers. Mini sunflowers and mums. I wonder what they are hiding? Up to something I suspect. Why else are they buying me flowers? That Mickey is a sly doggie. Leading my husband astray. Come to think of it they bought me those new old Indian block print stamps. Yes more ... one is the loneliest number, three a collection and as many as I now have is just lovely. They are definitely up to something!


exhausted ... or how I spent my weekend

Several months back I told my friend Grant of The Vintage Advantage that any time he needed my help at a market he could count on me. Saturday was the day. A huge vintage fair Love Vintage was in town. Friday night was covered as was Sunday but could I be his side kick on the Saturday? Lots of vintage fashion, some bric a brac and midcentury furniture. Apparently there were fashion parades, dancing and burlesque but I don't know. The moment the doors opened at 10am thousands of people poured in and an 8 hour vintage retail hell whirlwind began. It never stopped even as I was stuffing a ham topped salada biscuit in my mouth sometime around lunch time, vintage hat being stuffed in a bag, money changing hands and a muffled ham flavoured "thank you" falling out of my lips along with crumbs. I managed to snap a couple of pics before the doors opened. Then I fooled myself into thinking that I would snap the many cool customers that stopped by the stall. LOL. Yep! Right! The ravening hoards descended and whipped us out. The guys from The Vintage Advantage are known for their very, very reasonable prices. We got hammered. Here's a few shots from before hell's gates opened.

Zhushing and restocking after a busy Friday opening night. I think I folded those gloves dozens of times and I swear I never want to see another pair of cats eyes glasses again.

The big Sydney dealers were there. The stock was AMAZING but quite expensive.

There was midcentury fabulousness, vintage bric a brac and hot rods.

A rainbow of tulle skirts floated on racks and I even spotted some squaredance knickers.

The highlight were the ladies of The Lindy Charm School. Seriously hardcore and very, very glamorous.

I managed two snaps of our early customers before the camera was thrown under the table and I don't remember too much more until the end of the day.

A blur of a trip back to Ipswich, two glasses of red wine, reheated leftover pizza, fell into bed so early it is embarrassing. Today hasn't been much better. After walking w to the shops to get this week's groceries I collapsed back into bed. I am exhausted. I used to do retail for a living but it was never like this. It's bloody hard work now. I think I'll have another early night tonight ;) If I have recovered enough tomorrow I'll show you what I bought.