In the span of five weeks beginning mid-May 2014, my husband and I decided to put our house on the market, sold it, bought a new house and moved in. We live in the Civic Hospital neighbourhood of Ottawa, a beautiful area filled with unique Craftsman style homes. Our house was designed and built by well-known architect David Younghusband around 1940. It is filled with stunning original details - stained and leaded glass windows, large mouldings and paneling, curved ceilings etc. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home and I am so excited to put our (ok MY) stamp on it. (And yes, it desperately needs landscaping)

The following is a list of posts that follow the progress of my new house. 

My New Home!

Getting unpacked

All moved in

All moved in - part 2

Progress in my dining room (and some new goodies)

New around my house

My newly painted living room - part 1

My newly painted living room - part 2

Some rearranging and a new rug

More rearranging, redecorating and hanging

My bedroom transformation

My raised vegetable and herb garden

My dining room makeover

My living room makeover - part 1

My living room makeover - part 2

My guest bedroom makeover

My guest bedroom transformed into a media room