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Cat #7 - Edgar

I first met Edgar last summer. He was this fluffy grey blob I would catch glimpses of hanging out on the side of my shed. I think he was living in an overturned garbage can. He was absolutely terrified of me. I started leaving bowls of food out for him by the shed and I'd run back in the house and peek through the living room window to see if he'd eat. I had to make sure he didn't see me or he'd get this look of terror on his face and go darting back behind the shed.

The day after I had to have Seymour, one of my strays, put down (I had hoped to find him a home as he turned out to be such a good natured cat, but he tested very positive for FIV), I was a complete wreck. All of a sudden Edgar appeared on the deck in my back yard. When I went to the door he didn't run away. I slowly and quietly went outside and sat down on the deck and stuck my hand out. After only a few minutes, he came over and wanted me to pet him.

I had a complete meltdown right there on the deck. I eventually went inside and Edgar spent the rest of the day sitting at my back door staring at me while I sat at my desk.

More meltdowns ensued. FOAP agreed to help again, and a couple of nights before his first vet visit (this was now October) the temperature was to drop to below 0 so Berni at FOAP suggested I bring him in for the night. I locked him in my bathroom and spent alot of time with him where he'd run over and curl up right in my lap.

However he did not enjoy AT ALL being stuck in there so in the middle of the night I got up, built him a little shelter outside, and let him out. He ended up sleeping in the shelter. Once at the vets I learned he had no fatal diseases or anything to really worry about, and that he was already neutered, about 9-13 years old, and was on the verge of emaciation (you could feel every bone in his spine). He is now a very healthy weight and LOVES food. I was not planning on keeping him because frankly, I am overloaded with cats in my tiny house, but him and I have grown very attached to each other, and I think I'd like him to live out the rest of his days here with me.

I thought this would have been the end of my cat series here on "kim's page", but seeing that my fiancé is moving in next month, it appears there will be 2 more cats coming on board. GAWD HELP US. So stay tuned for posts about cat #8 (Domino) and cat #9 (Inky) - who are actually both FOAP cats that Jeff has been fostering.

Reader Comments (4)

He's such a noble boy...those different shades of grey! I think he's ended up where he's meant to be.

9 Apr 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca Hasenauer

I love Edgar, and I am amazed every time I walk into Kim's house that this is the same cat that wouldn't come within 20 ft of anyone and heaven forbid you actually looked at him, he would scamper away. He has turned out to be one of the sweetest cats I have known, but then again, going from the outside to Rancho Relaxo for cats will do that to you I guess.

16 Apr 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

Oh! I love your cat story and can relate. Last year, I lost my cat Bruno to cancer. He was such a great cat and only six when he died. A few months ago, we decided to adopt another cat via the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. We actually ended up adopting an FIV positive cat named Sunny - as we are a One Cat/strictly indoor household, it ended up being perfect for all involved. It's hard to stick to only one cat, I have to admit!!!

16 Apr 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGinger

Oh my, I love your story about Edgar. What a cute cat, and he thrived into such a gorgeous boy!

29 May 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKara Dubois

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