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Random stuff

It's been about a week and a half since I posted anything here on my page so I thought I'd throw up some random photos I've taken lately (which are all on my Flickr photostream).

I had to move some furniture around to allow for a chair next to the front door for getting winter boots on and off without making a mess on the hardwood or falling on your face. I used my new leather Eames shell chair from Funky Furniture, my new table/floor lamp from Homesense and the table Jeff built from a scrap of old wood we found at my nonna's house a few years ago.

One of my Christmas presents from my husband finally arrived a couple weeks late - a DTI t-shirt! It's got the banner on the front and our URL and my new slogan on the back.

I ordered some clothes and a pair of boots on shopbop.com - my new favourite shopping site. They have great sales on right now and alot is selling out really quick. I bought a jacket, some tops and a pair of boots that were marked down a ton, to $69.Now if it would just stop f*cking snowing so I can wear them.

I was playing with my Lensbaby this afternoon trying to get some cute shots of the cats. This one of Edgar turned out ok.

My little sister, the mom of my totally adorable niece Gianna, took a couple photos of the little pumpkin recently that I loved and had to play around with.

Reader Comments (9)

I love your new boots! I'm haunting for a dreamy pair of boots since october...spring is near by, and I still haven't found them:(.But I'm happy that you did! :)Kisses from Romania!

16 Jan 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaura Chirita

I think Jeff should shovel a path to a nice - and hopefully nearby :) - restaurant so you can wear those boots. They look fantastic. :)

16 Jan 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAMR

your space is eclectic kitschy chic! and someone loves HOMESENSE!! i see lots kicking around - my sister is western regional manager of merchandise and so, indirectly, I see lots of the HS products and I recognize lots in your home! they sell inexpensive but outrageously divine decor!
ps - curious: why advertising t-shirts?

17 Jan 2011 | Unregistered Commentersabrina.design.inc

"Why advertising t-shirts?" Why not?

17 Jan 2011 | Registered CommenterKiM

Hello Kim,

In your first picture I absolutely love the Eames chair. I also noticed the really neat book case. I got in a discussion with one of my friends as to whether it was old ply wood or not... after a few years being weathered it tends to look like that. I would love to eventually replicate the look. Please put an end to our debate.

Thanks Krysia

20 Jan 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKrysia

what is that comment supposed to mean? so much room porn it should be illegal. I'll agree with part of the statement, I don't know how well the comment blends. I'd like to understand. Please explain.

20 Jan 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKrysia

Krysia, I have no idea what kind of wood it is as I found it in my grandmother's shed, but it's not a man-made wood like plywood. It was a long solid plank of something-or-other.

as for my new blog slogan, we sometimes refer to the content of our posts as "room porn" as it's ALOT of photos of ALOT of great rooms. and saying it should be illegal is more of a joke because the eye candy we feature is sometimes so beautiful it's almost unbearable. don't know if i explained that well enough.

20 Jan 2011 | Registered CommenterKiM

Those boots are A-mazing. I immediately proceeded directly to shopbop.com, but alas, they were nowhere to be found. Sniffle.

21 Jan 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

Lucy, they seemed to have sold out pretty fast - and it's no wonder at that price. :(

21 Jan 2011 | Registered CommenterKiM

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