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Back Lane Café - this time in person!

Back in November I blogged about a new restaurant that opened up here in Ottawa, a couple minute drive from my place in the 'hood of Hintonburg. It's called the Back Lane Café, and last night I finally got a chance to enjoy a meal there, with my husband and parents. It was FANTASTIC, and I think it's my new favourite restaurant in the city.

It's a fairly small restaurant and VERY busy so do make a reservation (which you can only do online which is convenient). Their online system goofed when I made our reservations so we were told we had to sit at the bar. This turned out to be a very much welcomed booboo as we quickly realized the best place to sit is at the bar. We were given the corner seats to facilitate conversation among the 4 of us which was perfect. Once settled we dug in. My mom wanted a diet coke, and to our shock we were told they did not carry pop, but they did have spritzers made from homemade syrups. My mom was in heaven. I had an incredible raspberry cosmo.

I was so hungry and so excited to eat I forgot to take photos of our appetizers, which of course were scrumptious. For the main course I chose a pizza with shrimp, fig and capicola. YUMMY! My husband chose steak (with to-die-for chips and cauliflower sides). My dad also chose a pizza and my mom had halibut. Each of us loved our choices. (We were a couple minutes into the dishes when I realized I need to snap some pics).

I was far too stuffed to select a dessert (which is highly unusual for me) but of course my dad and husband had room, choosing a pumpkin pudding and a chocolate bar. Again, both were heavenly.

This restaurant was awesome. The staff and owner were super friendly, the décor and ambiance is gorgeous and perfect, and the food was phenomenal. I am SO going back soon!

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Isn't that great when seemingly mistakes turn out to be great experiences!!!
Love the style of the photos. They give a very warm,cool and unpretentious feel for the restaurant. I'm a "unpretentious foodie" and will add to my list. Looking forward to traveling this summer. If you are ever in Chicago, you have to check out "Bristol" another great restaurant with fabulous food and cocktails. Check out the website: thebristolchicago.com.

Thanks for Sharing!

Hyde Park- Chicago

Damani, Bristol looks and sounds awesome! I've only ever been to the Chicago airport on my way to Mexico but if I ever get a chance to hang out there that looks like a great spot. Thanks for sharing!

7 Jan 2012 | Registered CommenterKiM

I am a fellow Hintonburger and the Back Lane is my favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood and city overall, hands down. Excellent wine list and after going in for my first visit where there was only space at the bar, I always specifically ask to be sat there now.

11 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Hi Sarah! Wow, great minds think alike. :)
(The red wine my dad and I chose to have with our mains turned out so good we both took photos of the label. It was their Malbec).

11 Jan 2012 | Registered CommenterKiM

Dear GOD the food looks amazing! and the atmosphere envokes such a warm, generous feeling.

12 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterYummy, Yum, Yum

Wow that place looks amazing! You've captured something so perfectly in your pictures.

16 Jan 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMichele Andre

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