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getting in the holiday spirit

I'm not that interested in doing any Christmas decorating this year because I still hate my house and want a new one, so sprucing it up isn't exactly enticing. I did break down and do a few things - outside and inside. 

Last weekend while at my folks' place for dinner, my dad had a mass of strands of white lights he wanted to pawn off on any of us - I opted to take them thinking I could get some sort of vessel, throw the mass of lights in and call it a day. I essentially did just that. We went to Ikea and I found a huge black metal planter on sale for $39 that I thought would work well. I grabbed some driftwood branches I had in the basement and stuck them in and voila - instant front porch holiday spirit. Only problem was, it turns out those big white lights give off alot of heat and in a heap like that it's too much. All you could smell was burnt rubber. GROSS. So my $39 project turned into a $100 project - we went to Canadian Tire today and bought some small bulb outdoor lights instead. (I didn't bother taking new pics with the smaller lights.)

While at Canadian Tire I found these large ornaments and thought they'd be cute hanging from the ugly-ass porch. 

At Home Depot I was perusing the garden section and saw these really healthy little pine trees (or whatever they are) and thought it would bring some oomph to the dining table. I found a cool coppery pot there too for $10.99. I think I'll put some deer antlers around it. 

Last little project - I have a slight obsession with lights in jars. So I did that for the kitchen counter. 

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You're way ahead of me! I'm doing nothing this year.

25 Nov 2012 | Registered Commentermidcenturyjo

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