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Christmas scores

I adore Christmas - I love shopping and spoiling my family rotten. And I love being spoiled right back. I do have to say though, one of my favourite gifts was the donation of 2 hens and a rooster through World Vision on my behalf from my parents. I blogged over on the mourning cloak some of the clothing goodies I received, and I thought I'd share some of the house-related stuff I scored here. 

These first 2 photos were gifts my husband the genius selected for me that I didn't even ask for but OMG he knows me SO WELL.

Ah HELLS YEAH - an espresso machine! Now we're going to be coffee addicts with this thing in the house. My hubby already has been making great espressos and lattes. 

So much fun - camera lenses for my iPhone! This kit came with a 8x telephoto (with holder and tripod), a 2x telephoto, a fish-eye and a macro/wide-angle. From Photojojo

My toaster and hand mixer have been irritating me lately (they don't work so well anymore) so I asked for new ones from my parents. I got both but only took a photo of the mixer because it's alot cuter than the toaster. Love the red!!

I was sick of my cutlery (BORING) so I asked for a new set that had funky handles. My mom picked this one out, by Gluckstein. I freaking love them. Now I need to get a new insert for my drawer beacuse they take up so much space. (Good excuse to get a nice wooden one to replace my ugly plastic Ikea one). 

These framed prints were part of my husband's gift from me. I picked them up at Images on Bank, and they are by Hidden Moves. Perfect for a guy with 7 cats I'd say. :-)

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