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A dreamy townhome

Elaine at Style at Home mag sent along their Spring 2012 Trend report that mentioned floral prints, coloured glass (love!) and Pantone's colour of the year - orange. I had every intention of blogging these trends until I noticed some photos from their March 2012 issue of a feature on a TO-DIE-FOR townhome in downtown Toronto. Believe it or not this was purchased pre-construction and it seems the builder gave them LOTS of elbow room to do it up to their own style. WOW. Who knew? I lived in a townhome once in the 'burbs. It was AWFUL. But I digress.... (Photos: Michael Graydon, Design: Croma Design)


Reader Comments (2)

This is a beautiful place..... But, Kim between you and me - I just gotta know.... does every freaking body play the guitar? I am getting kind of sick of seeing them in people's places. Unless they actually get used. Just sayin'.

What am I missing? Not trying to be mean, I know you understand.

29 Apr 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpeggy

I hear ya Peggy. I don't play the guitar, and I don't think it would ever cross my mind to purchase one (or even if someone GAVE one to me) to use as decor in my home. So I hope to gawd all these people with strategically placed guitars in their homes are actually musicians of some sort.

29 Apr 2012 | Registered CommenterKiM

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