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More stuff

Despite my house being too small and the fact that we have too much stuff, we still keep collecting. This time it's vintage military storage trunks/containers. It seems to have started lately with this bin that we are currently using in our dressing room to dump dirty laundry (darks). I'm always bitching that my husband leaves all his crap out and I don't really want to see it. Especially in the living room since he doesn't have a dedicated office (currently the sofa). He looked on Kijiji and ended up finding 2 sellers who had vintage military storage lockers/trunks for sale. This was the first one he picked up. 

It's pretty damn big so it was tossed down in the basement. Too bad because it is in great shape and has lots of cool lettering on it. 

My husband then found a guy selling 4 of them for $75. They are in alot worse shape, with rusted bottoms as I assume he probably stored them on a damp basement/garage floor. My husband glued on some plastic matting s to the bottom so the rust won't touch anything and stacked them between my desk and the living room sofa. This is now his area to dump all his crap where I don't have to see it. :-) It's a little crowded in that corner but hey, we live in the kitchen/living room (which together is about 28' long by 12' wide - and it is not only a kitchen and living room but my office and the dining room) so we're sort of SOL.  

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