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Geof Ramsay

Geof Ramsay is a contemporary industrial designer whose body of work is focused on exploring the relationship between objects and the users experience. Geof’s designs are often imbued with an underlying theme but are mainly driven by a deep fascination with material properties and new manufacturing techniques. In 2009 Geof established “Geof Ramsay Design”, a multidisciplinary design studio which, in 2012, permanently relocated to its new location in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I saw one of Geof's pieces at The Modern Shop over the weekend and wanted to give a shout out to this super creative guy. If I had a proper entrance I would put this Wallhax on my Christmas list:

Wallhax plays with the tendency to throw a coat over a chair and incorporates it into a wall hook. By the merging a chair into the wall Wallhax animates its surface by suggesting space beyond. Wallhax provides two hooks at the top as well as three places to drape clothing, over the back, between the leg and the wall and between the leg and the seat.

You Are Here is a formal exploration of physical place met with the application of mass customization to furniture design.  Any geographic footprint abstracted into its essential positive and negative space can be produced to create a one-of-a-kind piece.  You Are Here allows you to select any urban mapping (ie. an individuals location or landmark) to create a sophisticated piece of modern furniture that is imbued with personal meaning.

Steps is an exploration into the idea of reinvention. By re-conceptualizing objects that were originally designed for one purpose, we find alternate or multiple uses. In stripping the stair of its more cultural and metaphorical meaning, and allowing the essential structure of the stair become both the practical and the aesthetic value, Steps re-orients us to the idea of the stair and how we use it. Steps transforms the staircase’s iconic form into multi-functional seating by incorporating a seat back to the second “tread.” In doing so, Steps form becomes both a seat with two endtables and two seats with one end-table, while the third stairs’ elevation also provides a natural armrest.)

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