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Goodies from Mexico

I brought back some goodies from my vacation in Mexico. I've been to Puerto Vallarta about 8 times, so I'm sort of running out of things to bring back as all the shops seem to carry the same things year after year. This time we took a day trip to Sayulita (I had been there once before) where despite it being a fairly small town, I always leave with more stuff from there than my entire trip to PV. There were a ton of items in art gallery-type shops I would have loved to bring home but my house is over crowded as it is. Hopefully on my next trip I'll have a new house. :) I'll do another post of the trip in general, but in the meantime here's what I picked up for the house. (Clothing etc. I featured on closet rivalry here).

My favourite find this trip - a wooden chihuahua skeleton from Galeria Alpacora.

More Oaxacan black pottery. I already have a larger skull, vase with lid, rosary and wall hanging. Love this stuff. And it's cheap. 

A blanket bought from a guy on the beach in Sayulita. The only complaint I have about Sayulita are the amount of Mexicans that harass you on the beach to buy their wares.

There was a fantastic little store just over the bridge into the town that I don't know the name - I bought this rug there. The owner told me she gets these from a woman who makes them on the beach and she gives her crap all the time for being out in the sun. 

I bought this little mobile at the same shop as above - made from bits and pieces found on the beach. 

Some driftwood from the beach in Sayulita. 

And you cannot leave Mexico without an obligatory bottle of pure vanilla. Sure beats the shit they sell in grocery stores here. 

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