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Weeks ago husband and I finally made a trip to Datsun, Matt Carmichael and Jordan Holley's second of 3 restaurants here in Ottawa....but this time they went Asian. And as expected, we LOVED it. 

As you can see, the decor is pretty simple but fabulous. This "Invisible Chandelier" by Castor is a fav of mine and it was awesome to finally get to see it in person. (Via The Modern Shop). And another favourite, classic Emeco stools. 

I looooooove this photo! By Rowan Corkill via La Petite Mort Gallery

My cocktail. Can't remember what it was but I wanted 3 more. 

Jeff's cocktail. Super manly. 

We shared these pork belly steamed buns with cucumber and broad bean sauce. So good Jeff ordered this again for dessert. 

My soup - spicy coconut milk seafood laksa with egg and noodle. HOE LEE SHEET. Loved the bowls too. 

Jeff's soup - Dandan noodle with minced pork and chili. *two thumbs up*

And a wee bit of dessert for me because DESSERT ALWAYS. Deep-fried ice cream with sesame and coconut caramel with a side of candied ginger. 

Super food at great prices. GO NOW!

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