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Crushin' on some Timorous Beasties

I have loved the work of Timorous Beasties for years, and was recently drooling over their cushions, thinking there are several that would look fabulous on my sofa and work with my crazy Moooi carpet. I also could not help myself and was dying over their furniture. AH MAH GAWD!!!


On repeat


New in at Black Rooster

Some fabulous new items are in at Black Rooster and now until July 4th everything is 25% off!!! Here are some of my fabourites...


Look what I found!

Over the weekend I visited my hair stylist's farm and spotted this chandelier hanging from the porch. It had been in the dining room when he bought the place and they didn't like it so replaced it with something else. I gave him all the cash in my wallet for it ($40). I can't wait to clean it up, fix it and maybe brighten up the gold with some paint. I want to hang it here in my dressing room as long as I won't bash my head on it. I love the idea of this fairly large light fixture in my small room (approx 10x10).


Lindsay Stead and her quilts

I spotted mention of Toronto-based Lindsay Stead and her quilts in the latest issue of Canadian House & Home and went to have a peek at her website. OMG her quilts, with modern geometric shapes, are absolutely stunning!!!! 

The traditions behind quilt making play a large role in my work. Most designs are based on traditional quilt patterns and each quilt is entirely hand quilted. The tiny, slightly imperfect hand stitches add a nice contrast to the minimal designs. The quilts are made by me in my Toronto studio and also by a group of women in rural Ontario who have handed down, through generations, their knowledge of quilting. The result is a collection of modern quilts with traditional roots.