Rove Concepts

Sharon Brunsher

The void starts filling up, 
the vacuum gets into a shape. 
One spot over another, 
layer over layer. 
like sensual matter 
in the hands of the potter, 
In harmonic dissonance 
between noise and silence, 
chaos and order, 
Particles of mine take up space, 
grow into a shape 
and become a product. / S.B

I recently discovered Tel Aviv, Israel based designer Sharon Brunsher on Instagram and I absolutely adore this creative woman's aesthetic. Natural, black and white, organic, raw......all the good things. I featured some of my favourite items from her clothing line on The Mourning Cloak, and here are some of the home goods she carries (and some linen bedding coming soon). 


A special dinner at Clover Food and Drink

Last Saturday husband and I attended a very special dinner at Clover Food and Drink. To celebrate international women's day the women of Clover, Bicycle Craft Brewery, Bread By Us and Holland's Cake and Shake held a 5 course meal with beer pairings and it was phenomenal! Awesome food, great service and some really amazing beer made it the best date night. Of course I took photos of everything...


On repeat


Sera of London - cushions, lamps and furniture

As an admirer of Sera Hersham-Loftus (of London) for years, I was so excited to hear she has launched a line of cushions, lamps and furniture. If you want to get your boho-boudoir-chic freak-on then look no further! (There is wallpaper too!)


A cool house (a rarity) in Ottawa

My husband was looking at Ottawa real estate the other day and came across this gem on a real estate agent's website that has since sold. I'm guessing judging by the awful decor that the original owners from the 70s finally decided to part with it. It needs a helluva alot of work but cool houses do not exist in Ottawa, except I think I just found one. :) It is 2100 sq ft and sits on an acre of land. 

Original front door. Funky. I would keep it but paint it black, replace the tile and rip out the carpet on the stairs. 

Ah mah effing gawd will you look at this octagonal room!!!! I am seriously dying over this space. DYING!!!! (I cannot believe how this is decorated. Such a shame) And more on what you can see on the left side later :) :) :)

Another angle of the awesomeness. I'm baffled that they mirrored all those walls. WTF were they thinking?!

THE LIGHT!!! And that wood is so pretty! Painted white though?

REDO! REDO! REDO! It does lead onto a beautiful deck with views across the backyard. 

DEAR GAWD IT HAS AN INDOOR POOL!!!! In the middle of the freaking house!!! Unfortunately it's surrounded by astroturf but switch that out for some slate or some fabulous graphic patterned tile and rip up all the carpet in the adjacent room.... As you can see on the left most rooms lead out onto the pool area. :)


Super cute spacious bedroom. (Why did they paint that pipe thing blue???)

A massive basement. The man cave. Since there's about 3 living rooms upstairs, husband this could be all yours!

Gorgeous deck. Look at the size of that tree trunk!

House is pretty retro looking on the outside. Could look fabulous redone.

Oh, did I mention there's a river at the back of the property?! This house just keeps getting better!

You're pretty close to the neighbour on the right but whatever, there's lots of trees and a huge hedge to provide privacy.

Handy access to the god-forsaken suburbs to do errands but far enough away you can pretend it doesn't exist. 

I want this house SO badly. I wonder if the current owners have done anything to update it.