Desi on video!

You may recall over the winter when my next door neighbour was dying with cancer and had to leave his apartment, and one of his cats was left outside...and my husband and I fed her until we captured her and found her a wonderful home with Wanda who graciously agreed to take in this fiesty little kitty. Well, Desi is doing great, has a wonderful personality and thankfully turned out to be the sweetie my husband and I saw in her when she was in heat. Wanda sent me some videos, and I loved this one of her playing with her toy mouse and running up to Wanda looking for some attention (still amazes me to see her acting so sweet).



i could listen to this over and over....



a proper workspace

It has been about a year and a half I think since I've had a proper workspace. I've been working at the dining table because I came to realize that there was not enough space in the tiny office at the back of the house to fit both my husband and I and all our computer gear. When I scored my iMac, I also scored the desk at the back of the house. The morning after I bought the computer I ran around the house grabbing some knick knacks and office supplies to furnish the space. In about 15 minutes I had me a new little corner all to myself - just me and my new iMac buddy....and some cats. Now I'd love to switch out the fabric coovering the desk and even slap some paint on the walls but with the hope that this gawddamn house is going to be torn down in the future, I don't really give that much of a sh*t. Please note the little flower arrangement in the last photo - a "new office space and your first iMac" gift from my hubby. :-)


chocolate skull

My pal Deborah emailed me a link to something totally wacky and I had to blog it, especially since I have a thing for skulls. Montreal artist Marina Malvada hand casts skulls made out of chocolate ("bone", a blend of Belgian white and creamy milk chocolate, cacao berry Mexican dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate). Her mold was created from an authentic human skull and includes details like hairline fractures and crooked front teeth. Check them out at her shop here.


another yummy dinner experience

Last night my husband and I went to dinner again at the Back Lane Café. This is definitively one of my favourite restaurants here in Ottawa and it's only a few minutes by car from our house. The decor left me smitten once again and as we learned the first time, we sat in the best seats - at the bar. We chatted it up with bartender Alex and had a great time. I of course snapped some photos (unfortunately only with my iPhone) so I thought I'd share again (post from my first visit here).

Jeff had his favourite drink that he came up with the last time we were there - mango spritzer with a shot of rye.

I had the Melanzana pizza with grilled spices eggplant, tomato, fior di latte, ricotta and toasted walnuts. (YUM!)

My husband had the same as last time - wood fired 12 oz new york steak with cauliflower gratin and saratoga chips.

For dessert I had raspberry-rhubarb cheesecake with raspberry coulis and white chocolate-run drizzle.

My husband went with something chocolatey as always - chocolate truffle trio: rum, honey and thai chili.