A dreamy townhome

Elaine at Style at Home mag sent along their Spring 2012 Trend report that mentioned floral prints, coloured glass (love!) and Pantone's colour of the year - orange. I had every intention of blogging these trends until I noticed some photos from their March 2012 issue of a feature on a TO-DIE-FOR townhome in downtown Toronto. Believe it or not this was purchased pre-construction and it seems the builder gave them LOTS of elbow room to do it up to their own style. WOW. Who knew? I lived in a townhome once in the 'burbs. It was AWFUL. But I digress.... (Photos: Michael Graydon, Design: Croma Design)



Pigeon Atelier

I wanted to share a shop with you all that belongs to Maryse of Montreal. She currently sells vintage items on her online shop Pigeon Atelier and also on Etsy. She is an amazing photographer which helps makes her shop irresistible as she has scored some great stuff and captures it beautifully. She is looking to open a workshop in the future as she specializes in antique furniture restoration and then eventually wants to open a shop in Montreal. I can't wait to see her restoration projects! In the meantime, check out some of my favourite pieces from her shop (I think a couple are already sold). 



It's the small things...

For the past several months, any time I have had anyone over and coffee was involved, I have been somewhat embarrassed that I don't have mugs that match. Or are at least similar in colour. Perhaps I'm getting old, but I think I am over totally mismatched vintage dishes. I have been wanting to get new mugs for a while and never got around to it. Today was a gorgeous day here in Ottawa (MILD temps!) so my husband and I decided to run a couple errands this afternoon. While he was in an electronics shop I went to Homesense, and picked out some white mugs. Since it's a discount store selling "leftovers" of course they didn't have 8 or 10 of the same mug so I bought 4 of 2 different types but OMG they are ALL WHITE! And now I can relax about my mug selection. See, it's the small things that keep me satiated. (The set that looks plain actually has slightly raised circles all around about halfway up - they weren't showing up on camera).


Taylor Tomasi Hill's sweet digs

The latest interior from Vogue - Taylor Tomasi Hill's New York apartment. She is the shiznit of the fashion world. She's gorgeous, always dressed to kill and has a sweet job as Moda Operandi’s artistic director. And now I love her apartment. LOVE IT. Especially the vintage florist's sink topped with glass that has become a part of her media area. SO COOL! And whatever that is hanging over her dining table.