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It's the small things...

For the past several months, any time I have had anyone over and coffee was involved, I have been somewhat embarrassed that I don't have mugs that match. Or are at least similar in colour. Perhaps I'm getting old, but I think I am over totally mismatched vintage dishes. I have been wanting to get new mugs for a while and never got around to it. Today was a gorgeous day here in Ottawa (MILD temps!) so my husband and I decided to run a couple errands this afternoon. While he was in an electronics shop I went to Homesense, and picked out some white mugs. Since it's a discount store selling "leftovers" of course they didn't have 8 or 10 of the same mug so I bought 4 of 2 different types but OMG they are ALL WHITE! And now I can relax about my mug selection. See, it's the small things that keep me satiated. (The set that looks plain actually has slightly raised circles all around about halfway up - they weren't showing up on camera).


Taylor Tomasi Hill's sweet digs

The latest interior from Vogue - Taylor Tomasi Hill's New York apartment. She is the shiznit of the fashion world. She's gorgeous, always dressed to kill and has a sweet job as Moda Operandi’s artistic director. And now I love her apartment. LOVE IT. Especially the vintage florist's sink topped with glass that has become a part of her media area. SO COOL! And whatever that is hanging over her dining table. 





Friday night

This morning I bought tickets for my husband and I to go see our next door neighbour's band Sound of Lions (FINALLY!) play at Zaphod Beeblebrox this Friday (it's the club's 20th anniversary weekend bash). I can't wait.
We don't get out much. ;)



I went clothes shopping a couple weekends ago in Montreal with my husband and little sister. After hours of shopping (stuff I bought here) my husband drove us around for a little peek at Old Montreal which I've never really seen before (we always just go and hit the malls or St. Catherines St). It's such a beautiful city. I HAVE to go back in the summer to walk around. Here are some pics I snapped in the car.