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one of my favourite bands

In case you missed my post back at the beginning of October about my new neighbours who happen to include a member of incredible local Ottawa band Sound of Lions, there is a video on byward of mouth from a gig of theirs a few weeks ago at Babylon. They rocked it. (Go to 4:00)



another Black Friday sale purchase

Early this week I received in the mail one of my Black Friday purchases but since I am never home during the week in the daylight (gawd I hate winter) I only had a chance to take photos this morning.
There are a few local Ottawa fashion blogs that I like to visit regularly, one of them being Pop Champagne. Julie has a great sense of humour and style so this is one of my favs. She has mentioned an Ottawa company several times on her blog, called Demu Label, and they make the COOLEST clutches. I had been tossing around the idea of getting one but when I spotted them on sale, I decided to take the plunge. I chose the black and blue mushroom pouch which includes a bright blue zipper, fur tail, and is embellished with black and blue beading, Swarovski crystals and spikes! It's GORGEOUS. I totally love it and am really pissed off I am stuck at home studying until right before the holidays because I am dying to go out and get some use out of this clutch. (Note: Must keep this out of reach of the cat herd as the other night one of them was caught attacking the fur tail).


never in a million years...

...did I think I'd ever see a video where Ice Cube pays hommage to the Eames. I almost teared up. (Thanks for the link Dave!)


somebody. stop. me. 

I really need to stop checking out online shops. During spare moments between blogging, cooking, laundry, avoiding studying French etc. etc. I find myself on these BAAAAAD sites...and within about 2 minutes I stumble upon these super cool Cassette Society studded booties....


Why stop at the women's section?

The other day I had the brilliant idea to surf around the men's section of SSENSE. And lookie what I found. It's a laptop bag (by Marc Jacobs) but I love it as a regular shopper-esque bag (but maybe the thinness would be annoying).