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I felt the need to order some books on Amazon the other day. They arrived today. As usual, it included mostly decor books, including (finally!) Grace's book Design*Sponge at Home. And I know you're probably wondering why in the hell I would order Kat Von D's book. I have a mild obsession with tattoos. (I have an idea for my fifth....)



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I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was alot of fun and it turns out I was spoiled this year. My parents got my lots of great stuff - including a crock pot and an ice cream maker, both of which were on my list. My husband scored some serious brownie points this year with the 2 major items he purchased for me. This first one literally had me tearing up. And if you read this blog enough you'll know why 2 light fixtures would have me all blubbery.

That's right, my husband scoured eBay trying to find me Jieldé light fixtures - my all-time favourites that I have dreamed about for a long time and blogged about here and here. He found 2 vintage wall mount ones from a seller in France who refurbished them. They are gorgeous!! We'll eventually change out the gold switch (??) for a silver one, we have to have it rewired to work here and have a plate made to mount it on the wall. And then we need that new house built so we can somewhere to install them! In the meantime they will unfortunately sit in a box in the basement along with my other gorgeous eBay light fixture Christmas pressie from last year.

Jeff did not stop there. He could have. But he didn't. Because I had been whining and complaining that I had no docking station for my iPhone to listen to tunes in the kitchen while blogging or cooking/cleaning. I had told him how hot Tivoli systems are so he got me one of those too. 

Thank GAWD the day after my French test I went out and bought him a remote controlled car (controlled by his iPhone or iPad). Not quite the equivalent of the above but along with all the other stuff I got him I think we done good.



My boss just emailed me......I GOT THE MARK I NEEDED ON MY FRENCH TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!! Only took four times and LOTS of hard work but I finally got it!!



It's FINALLY over!!!

I finally had my French test this morning. Always a brutal experiece...tried to eat some breakfast beforehand and almost threw up my cottage cheese so ditched it and went in with an empty stomach. At one point in the test I reached for my water and my hand was shaking. Good gawd what is the matter with me? So it's done, maybe I got my C, maybe for the 4th time I ended up with a stupid B, we shall see. On my way home from the test I headed straight for Holts. Shopping is a great stress reliever for me. Actually, it's my solution for any situation. :-) So I bought myself a pair of salmon-pink skinny Joe's Jeans (tag says they are Geranium). They are like butter and the colour is incredible. They had them in red, blue, green and purple but this colour blew all the others out of the water IMHO.