Rove Concepts

Canadian Salvaged Timber 

Canadian Salvaged Timber is a reclaimed wood wholesaler and design shop in downtown Toronto. I am such a huge fan of anything having to do with reclaimed lumber that I got all excited when I came across these guys, particularly when I saw the furniture they have created from their beautiful wood. O M G


my new toy

I have been thinking about getting a compact camera lately to keep on hand at work for outfit posts for blog #2 (, and to keep in my purse when I'm out running errands or out for dinner. I broke down today and got one that came highly recommended from a couple of guys at Henry's (camera store). It's the Fujifilm X10. It's retro looking which was high on my wishlist, and it's semi-pro which is great because at $599, it better come out with some pretty decent freaking photos. I am super excited to get started learning how to use the damn thing, so I leave you with a couple photos from my iPhone (hopefully my last).


Drake General Store

I heard about the Drake General Store some time ago and love all the random curiosities they carry. It's located in Toronto at the Drake Hotel and 2 other locations...a not-your-average hotel gift shop. Here are some of my favourite items:




why he thought this was a good idea...

I think this is the first time I've seen Felix up on the dining table. He only made it up there because I was in the process of vaccuuming and a chair was pulled out. That basket is Phoebe's. Mimin has one on the other side of the table next to my laptop. Phoebe is almost too big for it and she's HALF the size of Felix (or less). Why a 22 lb cat thought curling up in that basket was a good idea is beyond me. 


Latest music obsession