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Once again, SSENSE has gone and done it again. They have included in their repertoire one of the most ridiculous items I've ever seen. This time it's a GLOVED SWEATSHIRT. Ya, that's right, a sweatshirt with removeable 3/4 leather gloves. Maison Martin Margiela is one of the strangest (and priciest) fashion labels out there responsible for some really odd stuff. Did I mention it's $1,525 CDN?


Beautiful bracelet, beautiful cause

One day I stumbled across the blog of fellow Canadian, model Coco Rocha and she had written a post about a new venture of hers involving jewelry. Since I had been longing to update my sorry jewelry collection, I went to check it out (especially after reading a bit more about it). 

From Coco's latest post: The launch of the Coco Rocha for Senhoa jewelry line marks the first time I’ve ever tried to sell a product that was entirely of my own creation. But more than that, this is a very special venture for me. I first found out about Senhoa at my wedding in France last summer. Lisa, the founder gifted me a beautiful Senhoa bracelet which i wore the first day of my wedding. She told me the story behind the making of the jewelry and Senhoa - Aged 4 to 19, these girls are rescued from brothels and human trafficking in Cambodia. Many of the girls do not have a family to return to as it was their families who actually sold them into slavery in the first place. The girls receive a full education and rehabilitation in the Senhoa program and when they turn 15 the are offered a job in jewelry making where they are paid better than school teachers. In just 2 years Senhoa now has over 50 girls in this program. Our slogan with the line is "accessorize your conscience" because unlike many of the purchases you might make for yourself, you don’t need to feel guilty about this one. Once the older girls are paid for their time as jewelry makers, all the profit goes to fund the food, medicine, shelter and education of the younger ones. 

After reading the meaning behind Coco's jewelry and falling in love with the pieces, I decided to purchase the Chantha bracelet. It arrived yesterday and it is really beautiful. I took some photos of it with the assistance of one of the herd, Mimin. (How cute would a similar cat collar be?)


A hair-raising experience

Back in mid July I had my hair cut, and found the photo below in a magazine a couple of minutes before my appointment.

My stylist opted to do a version of this and while it was an ok cut, I was disappointed that he didn't just do what was in the freaking photo. So I've been trying to grow the back and sides of my hair out so I can get this style. About every 2 weeks the shaved part really needs to be reshaved, so I have enlisted my husband on numerous occasions to do this for me with his shaver (he shaves his head regularly). Yesterday morning I asked him to shave the bottom of my hair as always, but this time bring the shaved line up a bit higher. After getting his help to clip up the hair to be left alone, he shaved the remainder of my head.


Ya, that was a little scary. But Jeff did a great job and it felt AWESOME. I need to go in soon and get a trim, and maybe have it thinned out a bit and made shorter around my ears. The back needs to be grown out a bit longer too for more of a "tail" look. Hubby took some photos of my melon for me.


Back Lane Café

There's a new restaurant in town and I've been dying to try it for weeks. It's called the Back Lane Café and it's located about a 3 minute drive from my house, in the downtown Ottawa neighbourhood of Hintonburg. Oddly enough, Karen emailed me yesterday with a link to a post she published on her blog about this café, as she had recently done a photo shoot of it. The decor is unmistakably Parisian and looks SOOO inviting. Inviting enough that I have called them 5 (since finishing the post it's now 9) times in the past 2 hours trying to get a reservation for this evening (no one ever answers...). There are lots of great reviews of the food so it's worth a few more phone calls attempts. (Lots of more details in Karen's post - including the fact that some ironwork around the café was the creation of her own sister!). Thanks Karen!!


Oh my...

I had some time to kill while I waited for a ride home from work so I stopped in at my favourite taunt-my-wallet shop Holt Renfrew. I usually head right to the shoe section (nothing too exciting there right now except for a super soft and gorgeous pair of Modern Vintage booties and they still have Marc Jacobs studded mouse flats), but this time I went for the handbag section first. AH MAH GAWD. Hellooooooo Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors (drooled over this one), Kate Spade (drooled over this one and this one...), Prada....and yes, my beloved Balenciaga. This time there was a salesperson unpacking some boxes and she asked me how I was doing. I took the opportunity to ask her to see the black Balenciaga City bag on the shelf behind her. 

*SIGH* This was the first time I had ever touched one of these bags. It was heavenly. I had a short conversation with the her about my love for this bag, and I asked the price (although I already knew roughly). UGH. WHY for the love of gawd do I have to have such expensive taste?!?! She told me to work hard and maybe one day I can own one (note this was after I told her that I was trying to justify getting one, and was attempting to convince my family to ALL pitch in and get me one for Christmas). I thought to myself, I have 2 jobs....I work my ass off....I have the money....but OH WAIT, what were the hubby and I doing last night? Designing a house we want to have built that will cost us every cent we have and MUCH more? I let out yet another big sigh, and let her put the bag back on the shelf. Heartbreaking moment. But it did save me from the heart attack I may have had for spending so much money on a freaking purse. That purse above my friends, is a mortgage payment.