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never in a million years...

...did I think I'd ever see a video where Ice Cube pays hommage to the Eames. I almost teared up. (Thanks for the link Dave!)


somebody. stop. me. 

I really need to stop checking out online shops. During spare moments between blogging, cooking, laundry, avoiding studying French etc. etc. I find myself on these BAAAAAD sites...and within about 2 minutes I stumble upon these super cool Cassette Society studded booties....


Why stop at the women's section?

The other day I had the brilliant idea to surf around the men's section of SSENSE. And lookie what I found. It's a laptop bag (by Marc Jacobs) but I love it as a regular shopper-esque bag (but maybe the thinness would be annoying).


A pole dance like you've NEVER seen

My husband just sent me a YouTube link and when I opened it and saw the title was BEST Pole Dance Ever I was tempted to go over and smack him but I was too mesmerized by the video to do anything but sit there in shock while I watched. This is INSANE. Oh dear gawd if I could be in a quarter of the shape that this chick is....


Merry Christmas, from me

Yesterday after work I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for a ride from Jeff, so I headed over to Holts because I had received an email the day before that they were having an up-to-40% off sale. And as I have had designer bags on my mind lately, I went straight to the handbag section. To my delight I found a few tables of bags on sale, the first one being Prada/Vuitton/Gucci and even at sale prices were all over $1000. Of course, my beloved Balenciaga bags were up on a shelf, far away from the sale table. Dammit. Those things never go on sale. Anyway, as I was heading out to meet Jeff, I spotted a table with far more reasonably priced bags and one in particular caught my eye. It was by Kate Spade, the Bow Bridge Kennedy bag. It's boxy shape, patent leather bow across the front and ostrich embossed tan leather handles (it also comes with a long black patent leather strap not pictured below) makes it a fairly casual but totally cool purse (IMHO). It was about 30% off, so I decided to treat myself to my first designer bag (or first bag costing me more than $80).