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Goodies by Kelly Wearstler

As most of you probably already know, Kelly Wearstler recently released a clothing and accessories line. I was so stoked when I heard about this as I have been a big fan of her quirky and eclectic style for a long time (apart from the fact that she's an incredible interior designer). I have devoured her online shop on numerous occasions, picking out all my favourite items. (In fact, I adore just about every single piece).



Now that winter is fast aproaching and I finally have my life back, I spent a few hours cleaning the house and winterizing the living room. I went around the house grabbing all the darkish pillows I have left that didn't sell in the garage sale in September and found the pieces of fabric I had put over the couch cushions last winter (washed them first as they were covered in fur, of course). I think it's not looking too bad considering this is all bits and pieces I had laying around. I have a gorgeous Scandinavian blanket in a rusty red and black I should have brought downstairs and draped strategically at one end of the couch but I am too tired from cleaning and I've been up and down those stairs enough already. Maybe next time. ;) (Yesterday I finally brought my winter clothes up from the basement. What an annoying chore that is. I cannot wait to have a large closet/bedroom for my clothes so that nonsense can end).


New stuff to cheer me up

As I mentioned in the comments in my last post, not long after I got back from my French test I got a call that my Fluevog boots (the Prepare Volunteer in black leather) had come in. They are FAB U LOUS. I absolutely adore them and wore them while out running errands the last 2 days. They are super comfy, great quality (which explains the price) and the curved heel is HOT! 

(worn with a sweatshirt-esque poncho/batwing jacket I found at Winners yesterday for $38 and a scarf from Sayulita, Mexico) 

Earlier in the week some jewelry arrived that I had ordered mid-October from the shop The Chains Of Love. I picked out an antiqued silver twig bracelet (I should have bought a couple more) and a cross necklace. 


bear with me

I am sitting here trying to get a post done for the blog's main page and I am suddenly having a complete meltdown (tears and everything) over this f*cking French test I have next week. This has been the most frustrating and stressful thing I have ever gone through in my entire life. I have endured 8 years of this linguistic hell. I cannot believe the Canadian government puts public servants through this. I have busted my ass working for the same group for my entire career as a public servant (I think almost 9 years now) and I am finally in a position where I really feel like I'm doing something I enjoy. Now I may be forced to leave because I cannot ace a goddamn verbal French test (might I add that I have never had to speak French at work in all this time). I want to keep this job, my boss wants me to keep this job, and I am fairly certain the team I supervise wants me to keep this job. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???



Despite being swamped with French studies, I find a little time here and there to read some design and fashion blogs and scour some of my fav online shops. I was just checking out the latest footwear on Solestruck and came across these absolutely gorgeous booties - the Dandia by Vagabond. They would be so hot with a pair of jeans, a crispy white men's dress shirt and a royal blue clutch. And they're only $130! (On a side note, I found out today I have to wait another week for my Fluevog boots. AAAGGGHHH!!!!)