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bear with me

I am sitting here trying to get a post done for the blog's main page and I am suddenly having a complete meltdown (tears and everything) over this f*cking French test I have next week. This has been the most frustrating and stressful thing I have ever gone through in my entire life. I have endured 8 years of this linguistic hell. I cannot believe the Canadian government puts public servants through this. I have busted my ass working for the same group for my entire career as a public servant (I think almost 9 years now) and I am finally in a position where I really feel like I'm doing something I enjoy. Now I may be forced to leave because I cannot ace a goddamn verbal French test (might I add that I have never had to speak French at work in all this time). I want to keep this job, my boss wants me to keep this job, and I am fairly certain the team I supervise wants me to keep this job. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???



Despite being swamped with French studies, I find a little time here and there to read some design and fashion blogs and scour some of my fav online shops. I was just checking out the latest footwear on Solestruck and came across these absolutely gorgeous booties - the Dandia by Vagabond. They would be so hot with a pair of jeans, a crispy white men's dress shirt and a royal blue clutch. And they're only $130! (On a side note, I found out today I have to wait another week for my Fluevog boots. AAAGGGHHH!!!!)




Sound of Lions

Last weekend a new tenant moved in next door. I think it's only a chick....but I have not had the opportunity to meet her yet. A few nights ago my husband and I were home and heard some bass. We turned off the TV and realized it sounded like live music. We went outside and sure enough there was a band playing next door. It wasn't too loud so whatever - but we were pretty curious by this point. The next day my husband ran into a guy coming out of the house who apologized for the noise. Jeff asked about their band. Turns out they are Sound of Lions and they're REALLY GOOD. Jeff bought their debut album on iTunes and we listened to it on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sold.


My first Fluevogs?

The hubby and I were running errands this afternoon and on the way home we stopped at Soléa so I could see what Fluevogs they have gotten in so far for Fall. They had a few new ones, all of which were fairly boring with the exception of these (called the Merit):

They were SUPER comfy and had a really nice weight to them, the leather is gorgeous and I totally fell in love but OMG they are a shoe and cost $329. A little insane if you ask me. I broke down and asked the sales person to order me in a pair of Volunteer boots, essentially the shoe above in boot form.


She was pretty stoked because she loves them too and has not seen them in person. They come in a tan and a really awesome grey felt but I opted for the black leather (better for snow/salt crap in the winter). It will take 3-4 weeks for them to arrive at the store (really?) and I had to put down a $20 deposit but I am not obligated to buy them. LOVE that - because I am not really comfortable buying a pair of $399 boots without trying them on first. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!