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2 reasons why I should not set foot in Holt Renfrew

Reason #1: I may start having wet dreams about this Balenciaga Giant City Gold handbag that is way too expensive for it to ever come home with me.

Reason #2: I may actually want a pair of Marc Jacobs ballet flats that have a studded mouse on them.


Lovin' lately

***UPDATE: I may have purchased one of the items below after posting this. You'll see which one soon!

via Aldo
via Asos
via Shopbop
via Fluevog
via Zaravia Shopbop


Jeffrey Campbell shoes #12

Labour day weekend I was surfing around the online shop Plum For Polly and discovered they were having a 25% off sale on everything for the long weekend. I bought 3 tops (all under $40 before the discount) and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I had been coveting since they first came out. These are the Yield, and they are super hot shoes that I thought would be really cute for work. The denim/leather/wood combo is gorg! They were regular $150, on sale for $75, and then the 25% off. How could I resist that deal? (I'm a little bummed that once again I got nailed duty/taxes/handling fees even though they came via USPS. I've pretty much decided I am done with online shopping outside Canada. It's ridiculous and really not worth the fees and the aggravation).


Latest shoe obsession

Lookout Jeffrey Campbell, I've got a new man in my life, and his name is John Fluevog. My love for John Fluevog shoes started many years ago when my twin sister and I used to visit our aunt in Toronto a couple times a year and she would take us shopping on Queen Street where I always insisted we check out the Fluevog store. Fluevog footwear is often fairly quirky, which is probably why I love them so much, as I am often drawn to anything a bit out of the ordinary. Their signature is a flared heel, and they seem to have a thing for button detailing too. I discovered a store right around the corner from my house that seems to be the only shop in Ottawa to carry them, but I haven't been there yet (maybe I'll spare a few minutes today). One of my favourite Canadian online shoe stores, Gravity Pope, also carries them. Anyhoo, after devouring the Fluevog website, I came across these beauties that I fell in love with...


Buy my stuff!!! - part 2

As I mentioned in this post yesterday, there's a garage sale going on here in Ottawa on Saturday and I'm really excited at the prospect of getting rid of some of my stuff. Here is a peek at more of what I'm willing to part with.


If anyone actually does want anything below (and more to come tomorrow) please email me @ as I can't cart all of this to my parents' house and I'm not really sure where some of this stuff is. And feel free to poke around my Flickr pics to see if there's anything else that may be of interest. And sorry but this is for locals only - no shipping.