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A hair-raising experience

Back in mid July I had my hair cut, and found the photo below in a magazine a couple of minutes before my appointment.

My stylist opted to do a version of this and while it was an ok cut, I was disappointed that he didn't just do what was in the freaking photo. So I've been trying to grow the back and sides of my hair out so I can get this style. About every 2 weeks the shaved part really needs to be reshaved, so I have enlisted my husband on numerous occasions to do this for me with his shaver (he shaves his head regularly). Yesterday morning I asked him to shave the bottom of my hair as always, but this time bring the shaved line up a bit higher. After getting his help to clip up the hair to be left alone, he shaved the remainder of my head.


Ya, that was a little scary. But Jeff did a great job and it felt AWESOME. I need to go in soon and get a trim, and maybe have it thinned out a bit and made shorter around my ears. The back needs to be grown out a bit longer too for more of a "tail" look. Hubby took some photos of my melon for me.


Back Lane Café

There's a new restaurant in town and I've been dying to try it for weeks. It's called the Back Lane Café and it's located about a 3 minute drive from my house, in the downtown Ottawa neighbourhood of Hintonburg. Oddly enough, Karen emailed me yesterday with a link to a post she published on her blog about this café, as she had recently done a photo shoot of it. The decor is unmistakably Parisian and looks SOOO inviting. Inviting enough that I have called them 5 (since finishing the post it's now 9) times in the past 2 hours trying to get a reservation for this evening (no one ever answers...). There are lots of great reviews of the food so it's worth a few more phone calls attempts. (Lots of more details in Karen's post - including the fact that some ironwork around the café was the creation of her own sister!). Thanks Karen!!


Oh my...

I had some time to kill while I waited for a ride home from work so I stopped in at my favourite taunt-my-wallet shop Holt Renfrew. I usually head right to the shoe section (nothing too exciting there right now except for a super soft and gorgeous pair of Modern Vintage booties and they still have Marc Jacobs studded mouse flats), but this time I went for the handbag section first. AH MAH GAWD. Hellooooooo Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors (drooled over this one), Kate Spade (drooled over this one and this one...), Prada....and yes, my beloved Balenciaga. This time there was a salesperson unpacking some boxes and she asked me how I was doing. I took the opportunity to ask her to see the black Balenciaga City bag on the shelf behind her. 

*SIGH* This was the first time I had ever touched one of these bags. It was heavenly. I had a short conversation with the her about my love for this bag, and I asked the price (although I already knew roughly). UGH. WHY for the love of gawd do I have to have such expensive taste?!?! She told me to work hard and maybe one day I can own one (note this was after I told her that I was trying to justify getting one, and was attempting to convince my family to ALL pitch in and get me one for Christmas). I thought to myself, I have 2 jobs....I work my ass off....I have the money....but OH WAIT, what were the hubby and I doing last night? Designing a house we want to have built that will cost us every cent we have and MUCH more? I let out yet another big sigh, and let her put the bag back on the shelf. Heartbreaking moment. But it did save me from the heart attack I may have had for spending so much money on a freaking purse. That purse above my friends, is a mortgage payment. 


Goodies by Kelly Wearstler

As most of you probably already know, Kelly Wearstler recently released a clothing and accessories line. I was so stoked when I heard about this as I have been a big fan of her quirky and eclectic style for a long time (apart from the fact that she's an incredible interior designer). I have devoured her online shop on numerous occasions, picking out all my favourite items. (In fact, I adore just about every single piece).



Now that winter is fast aproaching and I finally have my life back, I spent a few hours cleaning the house and winterizing the living room. I went around the house grabbing all the darkish pillows I have left that didn't sell in the garage sale in September and found the pieces of fabric I had put over the couch cushions last winter (washed them first as they were covered in fur, of course). I think it's not looking too bad considering this is all bits and pieces I had laying around. I have a gorgeous Scandinavian blanket in a rusty red and black I should have brought downstairs and draped strategically at one end of the couch but I am too tired from cleaning and I've been up and down those stairs enough already. Maybe next time. ;) (Yesterday I finally brought my winter clothes up from the basement. What an annoying chore that is. I cannot wait to have a large closet/bedroom for my clothes so that nonsense can end).