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Another good tune from Four Tet


Mello techno 

Another good one from my brother-in-law Dave - Four tet. Awesome mello techno music to blog to. This is my favourite tune so far. 


Intueri Light 

Really cool lighting alert!!! We received an email the other day from József Hegedüs of Hungary about his startup company Intueri LightIntuition is the ability to know when something is right or not, and to sense when there's something extra there—an ingrained feeling that’s central to the creative and production processes of young Hungarian label Intueri Light. The studio's founders Krisztián Mécs and József Hegedűs tend to focus on the more personal aspects of lighting, producing lamps with particular emotional resonance. Through the use of gleaming hand-spun metals and hand-blown glass globes, each is individually formed into a timeless shape by local artisans, working hand in hand with the label to bring form to its intimate insight into illumination.


Au Prints Sale!!!

Teresa of Au Prints (I featured her work here) is have a sale right now on prints and they are so unique and her product shots are so fabulous that I had to share. Perfect as Christmas gifts :)



Last night my husband and I finally had dinner at Clover - a restaurant that opened over the summer on Bank St...and I realized it is about a 3 minute walk from my work. We had a great time and a fabulous meal....but I do have one reservation about this restaurant which I'll explain below.

We were the only ones there at first so I was able to get a good shot of the majority of the space. Simple decor which appeals to me. Luckily a few tables filled up later on. I imagine the location is more apt to lunch customers.

My appetizer was gluten-free and vegan - potato and parsnip soup with almond gremolata (with bits of lemon zest that were a welcome surprise)

Jeff had the local grees - roasted beets | radish | apple cider vinaigrette | puffed grains | nuts & seeds. He LOVED it - especially the kale. I nearly keeled over when he said that.

Jeff's main was chicken - chasseur style dark meat | cremini | pearl onions | polenta

This was my meatloaf main - pork & potato | broccoli | carrot purée | house ketchup. It was very good but I have to be honest here. I LOVE meatloaf and when it was placed in front of me my excitement immediately turned into disappointment. The portion size was VERY small. That meatloaf was the size of a clementine. The potato was a little slice - I thought it was at least a wedge at first but when i touched it with my fork and it fell over, my heart sunk. Potatoes costs next to nothing - this dish was $24 so I would have loved more than a tiny slice of potato and a little ball of meat. It was delicious and I found myself taking tiny bites to prolong the experience since there wasn't much there. On a related note I have been really saddened that just about every restaurant that has opened in this city in the past year has served only small plates, so when one opens that actually doesn't, I tend to expect the portions to be reasonable. This is my only criticism of Clover (the 2 glasses of wine I had seemed pretty small too - but that may have just been the wine-o in me), as the service and the quality of the food was excellent. 

My dessert was amazing...the fugazi - caramelized banana | seared polenta | maple almond granola

Jeff's dessert....he was dying for the chocolate cake with PB mousse but they didn't have any so he had chocolate mousse (because he only generally eats chocolate desserts)

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