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Paola Navone is my idol

Look at this outdoor set called Rimini Paoloa Navone designed for Baxter. YESSS!!!!


A thrifty weekend

The husband and I drove around the outskirts of Ottawa yesterday and found all kinds of great stuff, which is not typical because thrifting around here typically blows. Aside from a dresser we are converting into a sink cabinet and a wrought iron floor vent that I did not photograph, here is what I found:

Plant stant/ashtray? from Rideau Antiques for about $28. 

Steel industrial office cabinet from the Almonte Antique Market for $60. 

Brass lamp from the Gore Street Flea Market in Perth for $76. 

Beautiful dark toned Jesus and Mary portraits for $70 also from the Gore Street Flea Market.

West German plant pot and vases, stoneware vase, Hornsea small black vase, brown bowl, silver vase/goblet/?, Alvar Aalto glass vase.


Sometimes it isn't just about the ceramics's the man behind the ceramics


Eric Landon is a Danish-American ceramicist and co-founder of the Tortus Copenhagen ceramics studio in Copenhagen. I could watch him all day. :) And as a bonus, he actually is talented and his ceramics are gorgeous. 


Listen to this


New in my living room....

....details and more photos coming next week!