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Cats and skulls

Since these Jeffrey Campbell cat tapestry Litas came out last week I've been sort of lusting after them. The tapestry is a bit awful but OMG it's LITAS with CATS ON THEM. Makes perfect sense for a Jeffrey Campbell shoe lover who has 7 cats don't you think? (Currently available at Need Supply and LuLu's - both of which I think have overpriced shipping charges to Canada).

And I stopped off at Heavens to Betsy today on my way to get my hair did (it's mostly shaved - LOVIN' IT!) and to my shock I discovered they just got in some fantastic Links of London knockoff bracelets, including my favourite black skull!


Interview on Chictopia

Check out THIS interview with me and Aimee Song (of one of my must-visit-daily fashion blogs Song of Style) featured on Chictopia!


Perhaps I have a birthday coming up...

....and perhaps someone wants to buy me this amazing Rebecca Minkoff skull knit tote.


Some cool clothes, but BAD experience

I have been visiting the website of shop AllSaints Spitalfields for a few months now. The clothing is sooooo right up my alley. It's funky and original with an edge. The clothing is not exactly cheap, nor is it that expensive. But when I noticed they were having a huge, up to 70% off sale I decided to go for it and order a bunch of stuff. I picked out a bunch of items and realized that due to their limited number of sizes left, I had better hurry up and order before my favs sold out. (Sure enough, one of the pieces I had in my cart sold out before I could pay. The shipping page on the website is very brief, and only says that shipping to Canada is free. I took that to mean shipping to Canada was pretty much free (yes, I'd get taxed but still worth it). I ordered a pair of jean shorts, a cardigan, a dress, a tailcoat, a t-shirt, and a cardigan and t-shirt for my twin sister. The total was $318. NOT BAD! Turns out the shipping company AllSaints uses is UPS. That made me nervous because you often get nailed as many charges as possible when it's not sent USPS. Sure enough, my worst nightmare happened. The clothing showed up, which is a good thing, but the delivery guy told him I owed a COD charge of $168. I was SHOCKED. The delivery guy was as shocked as I was. Turns out I got nailed for taxes, duty AND brokerage fees. Total bullshit when shipping is FREE. They are based in New Jersey so I should not have been charged duty. And why in the f*ck should I be charged a brokerage fee??? I emailed AllSaints, saying it's crap, and they need more info on their shipping page if this is what happens to everyone in Canada. I got a response back saying there is info on the Terms & Conditions page and my email would be passed onto a supervisor. The supervisor emailed back saying it should be free if I'm in the US. I said NO, had you read my email I said I live in Canada. No response. After a couple days I replied and said I wanted this resolved before I blog about my experience. NO RESPONSE. So here I blog.

There you have it folks. If you live in Canada or anywhere outside of the U.S., DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT order anything from AllSaints unless you want to get charged up the ass...for FREE SHIPPING.

Despite this nightmare, I still took photos of the clothes I ordered. Thank gawd I like them since I ended up paying almost regular price. (Sorry these photos suck, I need to stop taking photos in my dressing room. The lighting is terrible and hard to even fix in PS and Lightroom). Note: I am a bit pissed about the dress. The listing says NOTHING about it being completely see-through. And it had a little rip in the back.

grey Gap t-shirt, AllSaints Delan Lowe jean shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Nation H booties
AllSaints Hydrus tailcoat, old gap capris, Betsey Johnson boots
AllSaints Tavara cardigan, H&M jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Mariel wedge
AllSaints Ripple tee, H&M jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Nation H booties
AllSaints Zami beach dress, Aritizia leggings, Jeffrey Campbell Lamp wedges


My new favourite boots

I finally got a chance to photograph what was in the fluro pink box I blogged last week. It happens to be my new favourite boots that I HAD to have when I saw them on Modcloth (they sold out after maybe a week). They are my first Betsey Johnson item, and they are FABULOUS! I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces, and these boots are perfect...a combat boot with freaking RUFFLES!!! How hot is that?!?! They were $139, and I had to pay about $35 more for shipping and taxes. Well worth it. I am going to live in these boots. And OMG, did I mention they are lined with HOT PINK SATIN????? :-)