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My new favourite boots

I finally got a chance to photograph what was in the fluro pink box I blogged last week. It happens to be my new favourite boots that I HAD to have when I saw them on Modcloth (they sold out after maybe a week). They are my first Betsey Johnson item, and they are FABULOUS! I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces, and these boots are perfect...a combat boot with freaking RUFFLES!!! How hot is that?!?! They were $139, and I had to pay about $35 more for shipping and taxes. Well worth it. I am going to live in these boots. And OMG, did I mention they are lined with HOT PINK SATIN????? :-)


Perhaps i'm nuts

No, I have not yet had a chance to photograph what was in the pink box in the post below. Sorry. I swear I'll get to it eventually. Perhaps I'll get some photos of me wearing the new clothes I ordered too. But I am still arguing with the company on the freaking ridiculous COD charges. More on that later.

Yesterday afternoon I left work and had about 20 minutes to kill before meeting my husband at his building so I could catch a ride home with him. Holt Renfrew is on the way. EEEKKK!!! I have a love/hate relationship with that store. They carry all sorts of awesome high end brands that I generally cannot afford. I have bought a few things there in the past year or so (Frye boots, several pairs of Citizens for Humanity and Seven jeans, some sale tops, Ash shoes). Since I didn't have time to try on anything I quickly perused the jeans, shoes and then checked out the jewelry, which I usually walk right past. I now know why I walk right past. I CAN'T AFFORD IT!! The sales person started showing me all sorts of stuff from the locked cases and I acted all cool about it, but then she showed me the funkiest bracelet that I would have bought on the spot but then she told me it was $225 (or thereabouts). It's freaking nylon and silver with skulls on it for crissakes (from Links of London). Kind of nuts but I may ask for it from my loving husband for my upcoming birthday. 'Cause every chick turning 36 should have a skull bracelet!

I could not find a better photo online. It's much nicer in person.


Just a tease

I received another parcel in the mail today. This one is a DOOZY. Well, in my mind anyway. I didn't have time to take photos when I got home from work, and won't likely until Friday, but I thought I could at least get a shot of the fluro pink box in the meantime. And to note, this is my first of anything by Betsey Johnson (stupid, cause I've loved her for YEARS).

i'm keeping this box


Gotta love end of season sales!!

Yes, I took advantage of end of season sales recently and scored me a couple pairs of summer shoes. I purchased the following at Little Burgundy Shoes:

These are as you may have guessed, by Jeffrey Campbell. They are called the Lamp, and were regular $120 on for $48.99. I was desperate for some decent sized heal black sandals for work. They make my 8.5/9 feet look tiny, and are super comfy.

(I had to use this photo 'cause of Milo's totally adorable overly furry ass and tail).

Then I also picked out these shoes that I had been eyeballing all summer by 80 % 20. They were regular $115 on sale for $24.49. I usually go for a 9 to make sure they fit ok but in this instance the 8.5 or even 8 would have been way better. Will have to pick up some insoles or something tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more goodies hopefully later this week (if they arrive)!!!


My JC shoe collection roundup

Someone put a comment on Flickr yesterday that I should get a photo of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes lined up. I did one not too long ago but I think I have acquired at least 3 pairs since then. So here we are - my current JC shoe collection.

Top row: Milton, Nation H, Pixie, Rumble, Everest,
Bottom row: El Carmen, Franklin, Mariel, Suebee, Snick Fringe