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Prepping for summer

About a month ago I decided I really wanted to start a collection of vintage melmac/melamine dishes that I can use outside in the summer. I love all the colours they come in and thought it would be fun and maybe make me spend more time outdoors. :) They're also handy to have on hand when the niece/nephew come over. So I started scouring Etsy and found some adorable cups and saucers in a salmon pink from mantisvintage.

But I soon realized that it would cost me a fortune buying bits and pieces. And then I lucked out when I found a 72 piece set at the Etsy shop of Anthro Povertie. They were in an awesome colour combo of salmon, grey, blue and yellow, and they have speckles in them which happens to match my kitchen counters. :) Here is what the set includes: serving bowl, serving platter, butter dish and lid, creamer, sugar bowl and lid, gravy boat , 10 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 cups, 12 saucers, 7 berry bowls, 5 handled soup bowls. And all for $125 US. They arrived on Friday and are even cuter in person. Now I want to fix up my shed out back so I can display them on some shelves (LOL). BBQ at my place! (Thanks Amy!)



My boyfriend and best friend turns 37 today. Jeff, I hope you have a great day. Love ya to pieces.

(Holy sh*t honey, you're almost FOURTY!!)



I love Herman Miller. Alot. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out the editor of the Herman Miller blog wanted to do an interview of me/my home office. :) Check it out in full here.


Me in Loftlife magazine!

Look! It's me (along with a slew of fabulous bloggers) in the February 2010 issue of Loftlife magazine in a story titled The Lovely Ladies of Cyberspace. I looooove Loftlife and was SO stoked to be asked to participate. :) (Pay no attention to the mohawk I was attempting in the photo - EEEKKKK)


Cat #5 - Mimin

After Phoebe's brother Joey was put down I was devastated, and wanted a new cat to distract me from thoughts of him dying in my arms. My boyfriend Jeff and I were at PetSmart one day and we saw this gorgeous black cat in their adoption centre. She reminded me so much of Persia (a cat Jeff and I had that passed away unexpectedly a couple years earlier). The Humane Society had named her Mimin. We went home and I could not stop thinking about her. We went back the next day and brought her home. That was June 2007. She sleeps in my legs every single night, circles me while rubbing against my legs every time I do dishes, and she has to sit or lay on something...ANYTHING (ie. piece of paper, placemat, my laptop, modem box - see last photo). She is my little princess, very thin and regal looking. If I thought she could deal, I'd make her wear a diamond studded collar. Being solid black, she is VERY difficult to photograph. The first photo below was taken a couple hours after bringing her home for the first time.