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Yep, more footwear

My twin sister, a co-worker (Valerie) and I paid a quick visit on our lunch break the other day to a new shoe store here in Ottawa that I am totally stoked about. You see, Ottawa has ZERO shoe stores, except Aldo and Town Shoes, both of which I am really tired of. When I heard the owners of Schad (on Sussex) opened up a shoe store next door I knew it had to be good. Wolf & Zed is awesome as they carry all sorts of brands most of which I've only ever seen online (Diesel, Camper, Mjus, Frye...). I tried on a pair of really cute booties from Mjus that I had to have, and Val should have bought these Mjus knee high boots but didn't. (Check 'em out on Facebook).




Folks, Ottawa's FIRST Forever 21 store is opening TOMORROW MORNING!!! Of course, there's no way I'm showing up for the chaos on opening day but hopefully one day next week I'll get off work early and take a little trip down to the Rideau Centre. And maybe one day we'll even have an H&M, or even an Anthropologie....

***UPDATE: Went shopping at Rideau today (Sunday, day after grand opening) with my mom and sisters and my little sister insisted on going to Forever 21. What a freaking ZOO. The lineups at the cash were at least 30 people long and it was 90 degrees in there because of all the people. UGH. I did manage to throw some items in her bag for me. :-)


Angelina Wrona

Yesterday morning, before heading out to go antiquing in towns west of Ottawa (Perth, Merrickville), I happened to flip through an issue of Ottawa At Home magazine and came across a story of artist Angelina Wrona.

I had seen her art in a shop on the main street of Merrickville a few times and always found it to be completely mesmerizing. She's now got a new shop on the other side of the road called Anarchy Gallery where she sells her art work as well as jewelry, bags and clothing. One of her prints really caught my eye and we almost walked away with it (same size/shape and framing as the one above), thinking it would be perfect in my new dressing room - that does not exist yet.

I'm going to hold off until the room is built and I know I have wall space for it. Jeff did end up buying me this bag instead so I did not leave empty handed. I went through Angelina's website and picked out some of my favourite pieces. (OMG - how adorable would the girl above me as a tattoo?!)



Cats and skulls

Since these Jeffrey Campbell cat tapestry Litas came out last week I've been sort of lusting after them. The tapestry is a bit awful but OMG it's LITAS with CATS ON THEM. Makes perfect sense for a Jeffrey Campbell shoe lover who has 7 cats don't you think? (Currently available at Need Supply and LuLu's - both of which I think have overpriced shipping charges to Canada).

And I stopped off at Heavens to Betsy today on my way to get my hair did (it's mostly shaved - LOVIN' IT!) and to my shock I discovered they just got in some fantastic Links of London knockoff bracelets, including my favourite black skull!


Interview on Chictopia

Check out THIS interview with me and Aimee Song (of one of my must-visit-daily fashion blogs Song of Style) featured on Chictopia!