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One can never have too many light fixtures

This evening my husband starting looking at light fixtures on eBay. Turns out it's because he had no clue what to get me for Christmas. He found a REALLY cool wall mounted light fixure (I confirmed it's coolness with him) and he decided to bid on it for me. And after several last minute bids, he won. The listing said "70's arc lamp from Dijkstra. The lamp has a metal chromed arc and brown plastic shade which lights up yellow/beige. The shade has a diameter of 27 cm and the total reach of the arc is 90cm. The lamp is in perfect condition! The chrome shines perfect and the shade is free of marks." The seller is from the Netherlands, which means I'll likely receive this in time for Valentine's day (and have to have it rewired). Regardless, I adore it. THANKS JEFF!!!


Taking advantage of a clean house...

It's really hard to keep a clean house with 7 cats, and a man now living here with me. (LOL - Love ya Jeff!) So when it's clean and styled for a photo shoot, you know I gotta whip out the D80. So here are the results of my hard work and anal-retentiveness.


Flooring and baseboards done!

Jeff and I finally got all the hardwood installed upstairs, and installed and painted simple baseboards last weekend. I love the rustic look and I am so glad to finally be making progress up there. Here are a few photos I snapped a couple hours ago (Phoebe decided she wanted to participate).


New lamps

Ever since I first laid eyes on a Tizio lamp I've had a love-hate relationship with them. I could not decide if they were too angular and 70's looking for my taste. I have been thinking alot lately about what I want my house to look like, particularly if I ever get these damn additions underway, and I think Tizios are actually pretty cool and would suit the style I'm thinking of for the future master bedroom (it would be part of the addition). The Tizio Micro went on sale at Gabriel Ross and after a few days of flip flopping whether I loved them that much or not, I suddenly decided I had to have them. I was going to save them and give one to Jeff for Christmas but since he is on the verge of destroying the blanc de chine lamps we currently use in the bedroom (very narrow base so very tippy), I thought I'd better start using them now. So here they are in the totally not up-to-snuff master bedroom (no point in really dealing with it since it will become a guest bedroom).


Birthday wishes

Happy 2nd birthday Simon little buddy! You are the cutest, quietest and most well-behaved nephew there is and your Zia Kim loves you to pieces. And she'll love you even more if you grow up and become some hot Canadian furniture designer - the next Karim Rashid. :-)