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New lamps

Ever since I first laid eyes on a Tizio lamp I've had a love-hate relationship with them. I could not decide if they were too angular and 70's looking for my taste. I have been thinking alot lately about what I want my house to look like, particularly if I ever get these damn additions underway, and I think Tizios are actually pretty cool and would suit the style I'm thinking of for the future master bedroom (it would be part of the addition). The Tizio Micro went on sale at Gabriel Ross and after a few days of flip flopping whether I loved them that much or not, I suddenly decided I had to have them. I was going to save them and give one to Jeff for Christmas but since he is on the verge of destroying the blanc de chine lamps we currently use in the bedroom (very narrow base so very tippy), I thought I'd better start using them now. So here they are in the totally not up-to-snuff master bedroom (no point in really dealing with it since it will become a guest bedroom).


Birthday wishes

Happy 2nd birthday Simon little buddy! You are the cutest, quietest and most well-behaved nephew there is and your Zia Kim loves you to pieces. And she'll love you even more if you grow up and become some hot Canadian furniture designer - the next Karim Rashid. :-)


a sneak peek

After 2 agonizing days of laying hardwood, I thought I'd show you all a little peek of what it looks like.

This gorgeous stuff now covers the entire 2nd floor minus the bathroom (that sounds like it's huge - that's 2 bedrooms and a hallway). Jeff and I adore it. Was well worth the $1500 and the excrutiatingly sore muscles. I REEEEEEEALLY want to hurry up and finish the never ending project of the dressing room redo and take some photos but at this rate it will be done next year.


Dearly departed

I was just about to start looking for photos on Flickr for tomorrow's post when I noticed that this month was a very sad month last year. On October 7th, 2009 I took one of my stray cats, Seymour, to the vets because his eyes were really goopy and I didn't want him to go through another winter sick. I was hopefully going to get his eyes fixed with some medications, get him neutered etc. and get him a forever home. That never happened. The vet ran some tests and he had a really severe case of FIV (cat's version of HIV). I had to have him put down that day. He was sooooo sweet and would have made a wonderful pet.

Then on October 14th, Oscar, another of my strays, showed up at my house wheezing REALLY badly. It was constant and he had a hard time breathing. When I got home from work, he was even worse. A mobile vet came to my house to check him out (he was a wild one and a trip to the vets would have been traumatic) and determined he had an upper respiratory infection, likely caused by FIV. She gave him a good dose of a sedative and put him in my powder room sink. Once it took effect I went in, said my goodbyes, and she went and gave him the shot. And then carried him out in a bag. He was a tough little f*cker but he was my pal and we spent a lot of time hanging out on my porch together.

And a few weeks ago, an Ottawa Flickr friend, "jadeblade", had to put her cat Poncho down. He was 17 years old and had kidney failure. He was a gorgeous Maine Coon and I loved checking out the new photos that would pop up on her photostream of Poncho.

RIP our furry little buddies.


Canned ham

I noticed I have been neglecting my page for a while. Chock it up to a lack of free time which is SO irritating. Today is Thanksgiving though and nothing is open so I actually have time to post something here before I get a post ready for the main page. I was sent a link to a photo on Flickr from a reader named Rachel who emailed looking for inspiration to decorate her canned ham trailer. I told her I had no freaking clue what the hell a canned ham trailer was. It seems she is currently traveling around the US with her musician boyfriend to make a documentary about American music. They spent three months in southern Colorado fixing up a '54 Chevy and a matching 9 ft canned ham trailer to live in. And this is what she's talking about:

HOW CUTE IS THAT CAR AND TRAILER?!?!?! I love them both. Totally rad. I can't imagine living in such a teeny tiny space though. Good luck with that Rachel!

On that note, my sister's new cottage has a huge piece of land across the road from the land the cottage sits on and my husband has been on the hunt for a vintage Airstream trailer that we could buy (with my parent's pitching in) to put on the second lot to use as a "guest cottage". He's found a whack of them so far on UsedOttawa/Kijiji etc. I really hope we actually go through with this and get one (although my bro-in-law needs to check the Quebec laws on having one on a property because they're kind of picky over there).