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I love this time of year


El Carmen, i love you

Today I went for broke and wore my new Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen black with white polka dot platforms to work today (I blogged them here). Everyone thought I was nuts. But I did have lots of people stop me to say how much they loved my shoes. This was the first time I wore them and they were pretty comfortable considering the height and fairly stable too. I happened to have one polka dot shirt in my closet, that also happens to be black with white polka dots so that was a must. A girl's gotta spice things up every now and then, even while working in a cubicle. ;)


Just when I thought my thirst was satiated....

...Need Supply has the nerve to stock this incredible hiking boot version of Jeffrey Campbell's famous Lita platform shoe (it's called the Everest Hiking Platform). AAAGGGHHH!!!!!


Jeffrey Campbell shoes #6

I know, you all think I'm nuts. But I swear my Jeffrey Campbell obsession has subsided a bit now that I have this new collection of shoes. And the pièce de résistance has got to be these Pixie Zip Wedge booties that I have admired since the first day I discovered Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The only problem was no stores that have decent (or zero) shipping costs to Canada had any in stock. But Shopbop got a shipment of these in last week (link HERE) and I decided these would likely be the pair that I would get the most wear out of. They are AMAZING in person and I got a 9 (I'm an 8.5) and they fit PERFECTLY. I am SOOO going to pick an outfit for work tomorrow so I can wear these beauties.


Jeffrey Campbell shoes #5

Could NOT resist, again. A few hours after my French test on Tuesday I was sitting at the computer thinking how after all that HELL I went through that I deserved a treat. And since I had my eyes on the following Jeffrey Campbell shoes (Snick Fringe) for a few months, and discovered them on sale 30% off at Little Burgundy Shoes, I went ahead and ordered a pair. GIDDY UP!