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The best wedding gift ever

Maybe it was a couple months back when Jo one day sent me a few links to Moroccan wedding blankets and asked me which one I liked best. I thought about it for 20 seconds or so and then IM'ed her back saying "DON'T YOU DARE BUY ME A GODDAMN MOROCCAN WEDDING BLANKET AS A WEDDING GIFT". Sure enough she freaking DID. She sent it to my twin sister's house thinking it would maybe be a surprise. Which I told her it wasn't because I GUESSED WHAT IT WAS. Doesn't take a genius to figure out a wedding blanket is the perfect gift for someone getting married. So Jo being the impatient friend she is, agreed I should just have it now, and my sister brought it over last night. It is absolutely incredible and one of the things I now must grab if my house is on fire. (My other hand will grab the 8 cats). I cannot EVER use it on my bed because I HAVE EIGHT CATS. I would never be able to get the fur off of it and it's not something you toss into the washing machine. I think I may mount a bar on the wall (maybe over my bed) and drape it over that, in plain view, where cats cannot lay. In the meantime I needed to take some photos so I lay it out on the bed and screamed every time a cat came near.

(P.S. She got it from Cassandra Karinsky of the amazing shop Muskelil).


Wedding accessories

This is just a quick post to show you the shoes and shrug I found for the wedding. The shoes are PERFECT with the dress because they also have a vintage look to them. I found them at Spring for $59. :) They are plastic-y and the heel isn't ideal for walking around in grass so I don't think I'm going to end up wearing them for very long. But I do adore them. The black satin shrug/bolero is from this Etsy shop and was $39 (+$10 shipping). Pretty decent scores I'd say.

****the big day is in 2 weeks!!!!!****


And then there were 8

We're now down to 8 cats. Domino, one of Jeff's cats, was not getting along with my 7 cats and it's been about 6 weeks. So Jeff finally decided to get in touch with Berni, the president of Friends of Adandoned Pets -  the organization we were fostering him through, and she agreed to take him tonight. We were grateful on many levels, a big one being that it's brutally hot here in Ottawa and will be all week (45 Celsius) and with Domino locked in the bathroom it was WAY too hot. Her house is air conditioned and she's going to help him try and integrate into her clan of 8 cats and a dog, and hopefully at some point find him a permanent home. We'll miss the little bugger. He was the cutest, sweetest cat ever. Loves to head-butt, and rub his pheremones all over the place. He is a huge sucky baby and anyone interested in adopting him will fall in love with him within seconds, I guarantee it. (If anyone out there may want to adopt him, check out the FOAP website.

Love ya Dom.


Bringing out the summer dishes

You may remember this post from back in March where I talked about some Melmac dishes I bought for use outside this summer. Well, I have no patio furniture and likely can't afford any what with a wedding next month and additions to the house to hopefully get started soon so I decided to hell with it, I'm going to use them anyhow. I moved my regular dishes down in the basement and took out all the Melmac. I am so excited to start using them. The colours are gorgeous and summery and they are SO much lighter than my regular dishes. Plus, they're smaller in size so maybe I'll eat less. :) I popped out the doors to my pantry to show them in their glory, all stacked up and ready to be used.


My wedding dress

Some people noticed in the comments on my previous post about my hunt for a wedding dress that I managed to find one. Well, Jeff and I are far too pooped tonight to do any more moving of his stuff to my house so while we waited for pizza to arrive I decided to run upstairs and snap some shots of my dress. I found it one Friday after work when Jeff and I went to the Rideau Centre mall looking for a wedding band for him. I decided to check out a few stores for a dress and found one cute one at BCBG but it wasn't wowing me like a wedding dress should so we stopped at Holt Renfrew (the Canadian version of Bergdorfs) and I tried on about 6 dresses. One of them I fell in love with. It's adorable and totally my cuppa. And it was only $438. It fits me perfectly. Now I just need to find some shoes that won't get stuck in the grass in my parent's backyard (the wedding location)....