Gotta love end of season sales!!

Yes, I took advantage of end of season sales recently and scored me a couple pairs of summer shoes. I purchased the following at Little Burgundy Shoes:

These are as you may have guessed, by Jeffrey Campbell. They are called the Lamp, and were regular $120 on for $48.99. I was desperate for some decent sized heal black sandals for work. They make my 8.5/9 feet look tiny, and are super comfy.

(I had to use this photo 'cause of Milo's totally adorable overly furry ass and tail).

Then I also picked out these shoes that I had been eyeballing all summer by 80 % 20. They were regular $115 on sale for $24.49. I usually go for a 9 to make sure they fit ok but in this instance the 8.5 or even 8 would have been way better. Will have to pick up some insoles or something tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more goodies hopefully later this week (if they arrive)!!!


My JC shoe collection roundup

Someone put a comment on Flickr yesterday that I should get a photo of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes lined up. I did one not too long ago but I think I have acquired at least 3 pairs since then. So here we are - my current JC shoe collection.

Top row: Milton, Nation H, Pixie, Rumble, Everest,
Bottom row: El Carmen, Franklin, Mariel, Suebee, Snick Fringe


Yes, more shoes!!

I mentioned in my last post that I am limiting myself to 1 pair of shoes a month. I ordered my July shoes on Tuesday and because they came from a Canadian shop (Little Burgundy Shoes) they arrived TODAY!! So that's 3 Jeffrey Campbell shoes in 2 days! Somebody stop me! I ended up buying 2 pairs this month - one was on sale at half price so that doesn't count. LOL. I snatched up a pair of the Rumble (they rename the shoes at LBS for some reason so they're called Nuckols) in brown leopard. To my knowledge, they're the only online shop carrying the leopard ones (so far). They are SO great. Apparently the heel is 4" but they don't feel that high. Can't wait to get alot of use out of these.

And I found a totally adorable pair of Mariels (or Bebout as LBS calls them) in grey, which I hadn't seen before, for $59.98!! These are totally comfy and the fabric is super soft. Awesome summer wedges.

(This means I now have 10 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. A wee growing collection.)


I've seriously died and gone to heaven

Remember what I said about not buying shoes for a while? FORGET THAT NONSENSE. I can't stop. But I am limiting myself to a pair a month (generally). When I noticed one day last month that Solestruck had restocked the Jeffrey Campbell Nation H booties (my 8th pair of JC's), I nearly had a heart attack. I fell in love with these ages ago when I saw them being worn constantly by several fashion bloggers and wanted them BADLY. But no one had any in stock...until June 20 when I finally got to order them. Unfortunately Canada Post was on strike so Solestruck kindly agreed to hang on to them until the strike was over. I picked them up at the post office after work today and immediately tried them on. LOVE!!! They are perfect in every way. The slightly distressed quality of the leather is so cool, they are nice and fitted at the ankle, they are padded in the sole, and I got a size 9 (I'm an 8.5) so I could wear decent thickness socks in winter which was exactly the size I needed (PHEW!). If I ever see these pop up in the brown, I am going to shed tears of joy and order them too. These are now my absolute favourite shoe(boot/sandal/whatever) I own and I am going to live in these from now on. I LOVE YOU JEFFREY CAMPBELL!!!!!!!!!!

(Stay tuned in hopefully a few days for a couple other JC items I ordered the other day - for July)


Hardwood floors

I am not very good at making decisions. Especially when it comes to something as important as the flooring that will be ALL OVER my house. It turns out I'm really picky too (and so is Jeff). Because I'm planning on having predominantly white, black and grey decor I figured I needed something other than the typical brown. We found 3 that we really like, and they happen to be grey, which should work quite well...with the furniture we don't yet have. (LOL). These are in order of most smitten with (the first 2 are oak, the last is maple).

Now if we can just get the company to give us a sweet deal in exchange for some blog love....