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Cat #3 - Lucky

It was mid-October about 5 or 6 years ago when my boyfriend Jeff and I were driving through a small town outside Ottawa looking at houses. Jeff insisted on a pit stop on the side of the road because he couldn't hold it in anymore and walked into a forest for a little bit of privacy. A minute later he came out and as he got near the car, he stopped and turned back toward the forest. He walked back to the forest as he had thought he heard a strange noise and came out with this little black and white kitten, about 4 months old. We drove to a couple of homes nearby and either no one was home (it was Thanksgiving weekend) or no one knew the kitten. So we took him home and went back the following weekend and again, no one knew the kitten. So we kept him and named him Lucky. Suitable name I'd say as I doubt he would have made it through the winter. Lucky is quite a character, and he's Jo's favourite. He will walk around the house and howl (I don't know how else to describe the noise he makes), especially if I just yelled at him for bugging Cheeks. He LOVES to sleep on shoes, and on his back. He snores, and he's pretty hefty. That's Lucky in a nutshell. (Check out his Flickr set here).


A twist of fate

For those of you who live here in Ottawa, this post is for you. I stopped into one of my new favourite shops today on my way home from work and I had to plug it here. A Twist of Fate is located on Somerset St. close to Bronson Ave. It's run by a super nice girl who hails from Peterborough (and unfortunately I don't know her name). She lives above the shop with her totally adorable kitten (whose name I do know - Sophie) whom she often has hanging out in the shop with her - a completely welcoming distraction. If you are into ethnic items from all sorts of countries you'll love this. She sells jewelry, clothing, tablecloths, knick knacks, lighting...a little bit of everything at VERY reasonable prices. I've managed to find goodies to bring home each time I've been there. (Check them out below). So if you're in the neighbourhood, do stop in.


Cat #2 - Cheeks

Here's the story of how Cheeks came to live with me. About 7 years ago my boyfriend Jeff and I moved into my co-workers former apartment in a lowrise in Lowertown. Cheeks was the neighbourhood stray, and had been for what we heard was about 8 years or so. One day a woman in the building next to ours was apparently wandering around with a recycling box apparently trying to catch him so bylaw could pick him up, claiming he was spraying in her basement apartment window. The 2 neighbours who had been feeding him found him and got him to the vets where he was neutered and got all his shots etc. Then they came to me and asked me to take him in because their cats didn't like him. I reluctantly agreed. Turns out him and Milo didn't get along so well and still don't. But they mostly keep their distance. Cheeks LOVES being inside, LOVES hanging around in the backyard (with me supervising) and LOVES sleeping in patches of sun and on the heat vents. He is a very VERY lucky cat. We named him Cheeks because he had the fattest face and had huge cheeks. We assumed it was from eating garbage and god knows what, but we learned that this is a trait of un-neutered male cats. He no longer has big cheeks but he learned his name fast so it stuck. He loves Jeff like crazy. When Jeff comes over Cheeks always climbs on him and lays down. It's really sweet. (Check out his Flickr set here).


House & Home Online TV Show

Lisa of Canadian House & Home magazine emailed recently about the website's new online TV show that features home tours, DIY ideas, recipes and more. Here's a little bit of info from Lisa: "After producing a successful television show on conventional television networks for the past nine years (reruns still air in over 20 countries), our publisher, Lynda Reeves, decided it was time for a change. The new 12- to 15-minute online television show, airing at, features Lynda Reeves, Suzanne Dimma and other experts from Canadian House & Home leading house tours, decorating lessons, cooking demos, DIY projects, Ask A Designer™ segments and shopping excursions. Shows are filmed both inside the House & Home Media offices in Toronto and on location. Original content is updated weekly, and viewers can subscribe to a custom e-newsletter to receive weekly show updates." I viewed several of the shows and they are awesome, featuring some of my favourite spaces from recent issues. They included this one, the glam loft of designer Sabrina Linn. 

And this one, the most incredible basement renovation I've ever seen (in H&H senior editor Meg Crossley's home). I am totally envious as my basement is a wreck and will likely remain that way.


Cat #1 - Milo

For those of you reading this who may not know me very well, perhaps you are not aware that I have 7 cats. Yep, SEVEN. I was quite happy with 5 (which is still too many) about a year and a half ago, but the last 2 appeared at my new home and I could not turn them away. So I thought I'd do a little intro of each of the 7, and include some of my favourite photos. I'll start with the first one who took over my home.

Milo is the only cat that I did not rescue. My next door neighbour at the time had a Himalayan and I fell in love with it and had to have one. I tried to find one to rescue online but had no luck. So I found a breeder about an hour away, and my boyfriend and I went to pick one out. Once arriving at the breeder's home, I realized that perhaps we were rescuing one after all. The house was insane, a bunch of kids, cats and dogs everywhere (they bred dogs too). We picked out Milo, a blue-point, although we had gone there thinking we'd pick out a seal-point but his colouring was too gorgeous to resist. So he's been with me since about 2002. He's momma's boy. He loves me to death and couldn't care less about anyone else, even my boyfriend. He is pretty small for a Himalayan, and a ball of fluff. It is really tough to get a decent photograph of him, but here are some of my favourites (see more in his Flickr set).