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Peaches and Cream

I was just listening to one of my favourite songs and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's sung by Jack Pelletier, a co-worker of mine for almost 8 years whom I miss terribly (he's been off on parental leave since early December). He just sent out an email about his band (Jack Pelletier and the Battle of Ontario) opening for Eric Passmore this Saturday at Irene's Pub on Bank St. Perhaps I'll drag the hubby out for the show. :-) (His album can be purchased at cdbaby, iTunes and MySpace).


Cat drama

So last weekend I noticed Milo had a goopy eye. When I went over to clean it and check it out to my horror he had a large abscess on his cheek under that eye. It was gross, and soon burst and was leaking all over the place. Monday we took him in to the vets. Turns out he had alot of tarter buildup on his teeth and they recommended cleaning his teeth and pulling 2 molars. At a cost of $1100. I nearly shit. Anyhoo, this happened Thursday morning. And it turns out after the knocked him out and were able to get xrays they figured out he'd need 4 teeth pulled - so $1200. (And he's got something going on with his jaw which likely means more teeth pulling in the future). So the poor little pooper has essentially no teeth on the right side. And because of the extractions I had to remove the always-present bowl of dry food from the kitchen because he can't eat it until he heals. Which means about every hour someone howls their face off in my direction in the hopes I will feed them something. AH MAH GAWD I'm gonna SNAP. Thank gawd I love all these guys to pieces.


I need these

These, my friends, are the Trash biker boot by Ash. They are SO COOL and kinda pricey (about $350). Luckily I can't really find anyone who carries them and has any decent sizes left.


There is a god

Yes folks, today proved that there is indeed a god. I know this because the following item just showed up at my door:

You may recall this nightmare I blogged before Christmas. Well, the eBay seller turned out to be SUPER accommodating to find us a replacement shade for the one that arrived here SMASHED. And here it is, identical to the original one. I am SO HAPPY this all worked out this way, and did not cost my husband another cent. Due to the overwhelmingly pleasing outcome to this scenario, I thought I should plug this eBay sellers shop because he sells some of the coolest lighting I've ever seen....and I've scoured eBay plenty of times for lighting lemme tell ya. So his seller name is superb3003, he is located in the Netherlands, and OMG right now he's got some INCREDIBLE retro light fixtures. After today, I would now highly recommend this shop. :-)


Killing time

Today is a lazy Saturday with nothing really on the agenda or to-do list (for the afternoon anyway). I became bored from internet surfing so I decided to go around the house and photograph each cat. Here is the herd, as they were chillin' out this aft:

Edgar was following me around wondering when I was going to feed him...

Felix managed to climb on top of the huge cat scratching post to sleep and perch...

Cheeks spent quite a while laying behind my laptop...

Milo was, and still is, curled up on the sofa asleep...

Lucky was preening himself on the cowhide on my African camping chair...

Phoebe was curled up on a sheepskin on one of the dining chairs...

And last but not least, Mimin was curled up in Jeff's gym bag on a shelf in the dressing room (conveniently located over a furnace vent)...