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cool and tiny student digs

A big thanks to Debora for sending me a link to this very cool student housing unit build by Swedish architecture firm Tengbom. To meet the needs of students in a sustainable, smart and affordable way was the key questions when Tengbom in collaboration with students at the University of Lund was designing this student unit of 10 square meters. In 2014, 22 units will be built and ready for students to move into. The area in each unit is reduced from current requirement, 25 square meters to 10 square meters through legal consent. This truly compact-living flat still offers a comfortable sleeping-loft, kitchen, bathroom and a small garden with a patio. Through an efficient layout and the use of cross laminated wood as a construction material the rent is reduced by 50 % and the ecological impact and carbon footprints is also significantly reduced. I would LOVE this in my backyard as my new office! (Photos by Bertil Hertzberg)


Couple new things 

My Christmas gifts consisted of not much house-y stuff because I am totally running out of room. I did ask for a Hudson's Bay Company Collection wool chevron pillow - and my mom kindly found one for my at The Bay at the Rideau Centre. Score! I think it really suits my leather sofa and the forest mural. 

I picked up a really cool vintage amber bottle (14" high) from HighJinx for my husband (ok, maybe it was more for me LOL). It's now on top of the fridge with a couple of other vintage bottles we have.  


Get a tissue

This is one of the saddest and sweetest videos I have ever seen. Had to share as I wipe the tears from my face (as I always do when I watch Eldad's rescue videos). 


Ran Ran

Belén from Spain emailed us recently and I wanted to share her work here on the blog. She makes gorgeous hand-woven wall hangings with weaving and macrame techniques using cotton rope, cashmere, moroccan wool, linen, feathers etc. LOVE the textures and vintage retro vibe. A piece of art for your wall. Find them at Ran Ran