Weeks ago husband and I finally made a trip to Datsun, Matt Carmichael and Jordan Holley's second of 3 restaurants here in Ottawa....but this time they went Asian. And as expected, we LOVED it. 

As you can see, the decor is pretty simple but fabulous. This "Invisible Chandelier" by Castor is a fav of mine and it was awesome to finally get to see it in person. (Via The Modern Shop). And another favourite, classic Emeco stools. 

I looooooove this photo! By Rowan Corkill via La Petite Mort Gallery

My cocktail. Can't remember what it was but I wanted 3 more. 

Jeff's cocktail. Super manly. 

We shared these pork belly steamed buns with cucumber and broad bean sauce. So good Jeff ordered this again for dessert. 

My soup - spicy coconut milk seafood laksa with egg and noodle. HOE LEE SHEET. Loved the bowls too. 

Jeff's soup - Dandan noodle with minced pork and chili. *two thumbs up*

And a wee bit of dessert for me because DESSERT ALWAYS. Deep-fried ice cream with sesame and coconut caramel with a side of candied ginger. 

Super food at great prices. GO NOW!


Ace Mercado 

I have been meaning to get this post ready for weeks now as our visit to Ottawa's Ace Mercado in the Byward Market was July 24th to celebrate our anniversary. But alas, I have been swamped with other blog related things so here this is, finally. 

This Mexican restaurant is my sister's favourite spot in the city and after she had raved about it many times, it was about time Jeff and I tried it. It was a really warm, sunny evening so we sat out on the patio hence my lack of interior photos. 

Tolix chairs are always a good thing. :)

Vintage metal cabinet for storage on the patio. 

Jen was particularly fond of their margaritas so each started with one. AWE. SOME.
~ Cazadores Reposada + Tromba Agave + Lime Juice + Black Salt Rim ~

Our server told us about this nifty beverage so we decided what the hell, we were celebrating. And it was amazing, especially for those who don't normally enjoy shots. 
~ Tromba Verdita: Tromba Blanco + Side Verdita (some smoothie-type concoction that I totally don't remember the ingredients) ~

We started with The Ace Bricklayer. I could have eaten a whole table of this.  
~ Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa + Queso Fresco + Lime Crema + Slow Cooked Black Beans + Pickled Red Onion + Micro Cilantro ~ 

Yet more booze! The white sangria sounded divine, and it SOOOO was. We are dying to try to replicate this at home.
~ Ontario White Wine (Vidal) + Briottet Peche de Vigne + Lillet Blanc + St Germain Elderflower Liqueur + Lemon Juice + Ginger Beer + Fruit ~

We both ordered the chicken tostada. Yum!
~ Refried Black Beans + House Bacon + Caramelized Onion + Achiote Chicken + Minced Lettuce + Mexican Pickles + Roma Salsa + Cilantro + Blue Cheese Habanero ~ 

Jeff ordered a side of Mexican fries. I want my fries served like this always and forever. 

Dessert for Jeff was churros topped with pineapple. 

My dessert was flan. My only beef the whole night was that this was a reeeeeally small portion. 

We will absolutely re-visit Ace Mercado. Mexican food is one of my favourites and reminds me of Puerto Vallarta so this was an awesome night. 

Oh....I wore some black because always, by some favourite designers (Barbara Í Gongini and Rick Owens and TEO+NG, and some cheap Mexico sandals because all my decent footwear was at work)


new ring!

Barbara Beamiss creates the most incredible jewelry. Such unique pieces, which is what I am after in that department. Unique goes with the wacky avant-garde (goth-ish) clothing/footwear I tend to wear alot of. Using a lost wax technique, each item is only made once. Doesn't get more unique than that! I have now acquired a third piece - a stunning oxidized ring - from the lovely and talented Barbara and I absolutely adore it, and wanted to share it with you. Do go check out her shop. Thank you Barbara!!


Paola Navone is my idol

Look at this outdoor set called Rimini Paoloa Navone designed for Baxter. YESSS!!!!


A thrifty weekend

The husband and I drove around the outskirts of Ottawa yesterday and found all kinds of great stuff, which is not typical because thrifting around here typically blows. Aside from a dresser we are converting into a sink cabinet and a wrought iron floor vent that I did not photograph, here is what I found:

Plant stant/ashtray? from Rideau Antiques for about $28. 

Steel industrial office cabinet from the Almonte Antique Market for $60. 

Brass lamp from the Gore Street Flea Market in Perth for $76. 

Beautiful dark toned Jesus and Mary portraits for $70 also from the Gore Street Flea Market.

West German plant pot and vases, stoneware vase, Hornsea small black vase, brown bowl, silver vase/goblet/?, Alvar Aalto glass vase.