Incredible video

Fabiana Mortari emailed Jo and I wanting to share her husband's beautiful photography. One of Roberto Dutesco's specialties is photographing the wild horses on Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. On his website are clips of a documentary of his visits to Sable Island, and this video in particular had me tearing up.


Chasing Wild Horses - Clip 2 of 4 from Roberto Dutesco on Vimeo.


My rings

Weeks ago I went to a jewelry store to have my engagement ring sized (it was at least 2 sizes too big) and have a wedding band made to fit around it's odd shape. I finally got a call Thursday night that they were ready and Jeff and I went to pick them up last night (and he picked out a band for himself which will be ready in a month). I was a little shocked at first when I put both rings on. It was not what I had pictured in my mind all these weeks. Then I realized the ring wasn't quite designed how I had asked. But here's why I don't think I mind so much - the goldsmith used larger diamonds than I had asked for. He was supposed to use the very small diamonds that are on the sides of the engagement ring. So it was quite a bit sparklier and BLING BLING than it was supposed to be. I was told to take them home, wear them, and bring them back if I'm not happy. What kind of girl brings back a ring and asks for smaller diamonds??? FORGET ABOUT IT. I am growing very attached to it just the way it is. :) (Here is a photo of the engagement ring on it's own).



I received an email recently from Sumaya, who was looking for 25 women in Canada to try out the new Purina Maxx Small Spaces cat litter.

Now, remember I have SEVEN cats so when I hear about freebies having to do with my herd, I am AAAAALLLLL over it. I received an awesome kit in the mail that included a corner litter box, a litter mat, a Rubbermaid litter caddy and scoop, 3 bags of Purina cat treats, and coupons for FIVE free 7 kg containers of the Purina Maxx Small Spaces litter. (I think I was supposed to share the coupons with my readers, but I think I need them more than y'all do. LOL!!) It's specifically designed for small spaces because it has scentguard pieces that neutralizes odour on contact with moisture, without giving off an overwhelming fragrance. (Photo below was taken before the litter was christened).

I have this new litter box about 8 feet behind my desk (where I am as I write up this post) and it NEVER stinks. I have always liked the slight perfumy smell of Purina Maxx litter and this Small Spaces line is even better and more effective at masking the smell of a (or several in my case) cat's business. I have been a big fan of Purina Maxx litter for a long time as I find it's nowhere near as dusty as other brands and it's got great clumping abilities. And the Small Spaces brand is like icing on the cake. Who knew it could be EVEN BETTER?

So after I set up the new litter box in the corner of my office I grabbed the camera and had a blast snapping pics of all the cats checking out their new place to poop. (Some of these should be used in their print ads!)



Another parcel from Jo!

Yesterday as I was getting ready to walk over to the hospital, a Canada Post guy showed up at my door with a parcel from Jo! I opened it when I got home last night and it was so much fun digging out all the treasures she found for me. I would like to wring her neck for sending it air, as I can see from the stickers on the box what she paid (grrrrrr). The box included a TON of fabrics, a bunch of thrifted trinkets, some wind sock type things (lampshades actually) for the backyard, and some magazines. WOHOO!!! THANKS JO!!!

And somehow I managed to spend $55 at a gift shop in the hospital on a queen sized cotton bed cover in a fabulous teal. I blame my sister - she insisted I buy it.



For the next little while I may not be able to spend much time on the blog. There's a bit of a family crisis going on that has us all in a state of shock. My twin sister Julia's husband Pablo has been sick for quite some time and test after test had shown nothing was wrong. Until this past Thursday. An MRI of his head and neck showed a large brain tumour. And a second MRI taken yesterday showed it's actually worse than they initially thought and is likely malignant. He is going in for surgery on Tuesday. (She has posted about all this on her blog the boo and the boy). I thought I'd post this now because if anyone reading this can say a little prayer for Pablo we'd appreciate it. And we ain't religious. P.S. They have 2 little kids - making this extra hard.

***UPDATE: Seems the cancellation that allowed Pablo a spot for his surgery Tuesday is now likely not cancelled so Pablo's surgery is bumped to Wednesday (this will be confirmed Tuesday morning).

***UPDATE #2 - It's now Tuesday night and rumour has it the surgery is NEXT MONDAY (26th), for f*ck sakes.