new ring!

Barbara Beamiss creates the most incredible jewelry. Such unique pieces, which is what I am after in that department. Unique goes with the wacky avant-garde (goth-ish) clothing/footwear I tend to wear alot of. Using a lost wax technique, each item is only made once. Doesn't get more unique than that! I have now acquired a third piece - a stunning oxidized ring - from the lovely and talented Barbara and I absolutely adore it, and wanted to share it with you. Do go check out her shop. Thank you Barbara!!


Paola Navone is my idol

Look at this outdoor set called Rimini Paoloa Navone designed for Baxter. YESSS!!!!


A thrifty weekend

The husband and I drove around the outskirts of Ottawa yesterday and found all kinds of great stuff, which is not typical because thrifting around here typically blows. Aside from a dresser we are converting into a sink cabinet and a wrought iron floor vent that I did not photograph, here is what I found:

Plant stant/ashtray? from Rideau Antiques for about $28. 

Steel industrial office cabinet from the Almonte Antique Market for $60. 

Brass lamp from the Gore Street Flea Market in Perth for $76. 

Beautiful dark toned Jesus and Mary portraits for $70 also from the Gore Street Flea Market.

West German plant pot and vases, stoneware vase, Hornsea small black vase, brown bowl, silver vase/goblet/?, Alvar Aalto glass vase.


Sometimes it isn't just about the ceramics

...it's the man behind the ceramics


Eric Landon is a Danish-American ceramicist and co-founder of the Tortus Copenhagen ceramics studio in Copenhagen. I could watch him all day. :) And as a bonus, he actually is talented and his ceramics are gorgeous. 


Listen to this