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Latest song obsession - from A Tribe Called Red


Sound of Lions new album!

My next door neighbour Marco and his band Sound of Lions are launching their new album called Take Me With You tomorrow (they're having a show at Zaphod). Marco was kind enough to send me the album a few weeks ago when I stopped his dog from mauling a random stray dog that showed up in their yard. :) It's an awesome album - alot more mellow than the first one but fabulous nonetheless. Here are a couple of my favourite songs that they released on Soundcloud as a preview the other day.


Remembering a warmer time...

Ottawa had yet another snowstorm last night and I am doubting that spring will ever arrive. It reminded me that I had not really shared any photos here of my trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last month (aside from my purchases). I would do anything to be able to go back there right now. 


lawd half mursey

For sale @ Eva Gentry Consignment. I would build a room in my next house just for this. SO HOT. 


flowers + vintage

My brother in law Dave bought the most adorable terrarium for my sister for Valentine's Day, and when I found out he bought it at a shop here in Ottawa I have walked by almost every day since it opened in September, I finally stopped in to check it out. Flowers + Vintage is the pairing of Vanessa Madely of Sparrow Floral Design and Jaime McLeod of Housewife Vintage. Love the idea of pairing vintage goodies with flowers and plants. The store is totally adorable and I would have spent a small fortune on plants and flowers if I did not have a half hour walk to get home. I had my camera with me so I snapped some pics. Do stop by the shop if you are heading down Somerset (it's 502 Somerset at the corner of Lyon). You'll love it. 

I did bring home a greeting card and a vintage ring.