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Listening to this right now


some jewelry love

I blogged this over on closet rivalry but I had to share it here too. Barbara of AdorN makes FABULOUS jewelry all by hand and made me the most incredible ring...and sent me a little extra one with the scrap silver! She even blogged the process of making it! Go check out her pieces - they're really awesome. I'm going to be wearing my rings constantly. :)


a little overdue project

Since moving my work area to the tiny space between the kitchen and living room (my former workspace was a room at the back of my house that I think was built over a deck and not insulated and I refuse to work in there in the winter), I've been using an antique secretary desk I've had kicking around for a few years since it's compact. At some point someone painted it a mint green, and then rubbed a yellow stain all over it. Really bad faux finishing job. I couldn't take it anymore, so I finally got around to painting it. Here are some before photos:

As I have an affinity for flat black paint, that was of course what I painted it. But I gave it a little twist, and painted the bottom half of the legs in glossy black. I'm very happy with the results - but anything would have been an improvement. (Pay no attention to the curtain in the window - I have another project in mind for that).


New cat structure

I had been bugging my husband for months to make our cats a new climbing/scratching/hangout structure and it's finally done! It's basically a plywood box with a cedar post and a threaded steel rod. The box has a shelf inside, and the outside wall has hinges so it can open for cleaning. We stained it a black wood stain - LOVE! We went to The Home Depot looking for carpet tiles to find out they haven't carried them in 2 years, but some carpet underpadding caught our eye so we decided to use that instead - it's got a funky speckled pattern and is nice and cushiony. I hope it becomes their favourite hangout so they stay off my furniture. :) (I have to stain the post you can see inside the box - it stands out too much unstained) 

*** A big thanks to The Home Depot for sending me a $50 gift card that helped pay for this little project!

(Mimin loves sharpening her claws on the rope section)

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