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LOVE these photos by artKRAFT... We found that towards the industrial style furniture which can be used in the garden and also on the terraces, there is a growing interest. Those who fell in love in the industrial style can furnish not only their apartment with these character pieces. For them we collected some ideas that look good in the garden, terrace or even in the balcony.



I occasionally stop by the blog of Wildfox clothing line founder Kimberley Gordon and found a post of her home the other day. It's so beachy and romantic and just beautiful. Her photography is stunning as well. So I thought I'd share. Cause it's too pretty not to. 


new around my house

There are a few new things around my house (nothing major as I'm still waiting to get started with the new house plans) that I thought I'd photograph and share here. 

First up, a really cool air plant and hanging pot that Toronto company Chive sent me. I've always loved air plants but never really had any (they seem to be hard to come by here in Ottawa, although I could have just ordered some online). Super low maintenance - although yes, they do need water occasionally. I hung my new plant up right next to my desk for a little added greenery that the cats can't reach and chew on. Oh - and the folks at Chive surprised me by also sending Larry (Mr. Gnome). CUTE!!!

(Dear gawd I need to paint my desk black....with fluro pink leg tips perhaps....)

On my way home from work the other day I stopped off at a few shops and picked up some things (one is on closet rivalry), including this art deco woman's head from The White Monkey. My husband said we should call her Grace, because she looks like Grace Jones. She's living on the marble table next to the sofa for now. I forgot to dust her off before snapping these, and she needs a new coat of matte black paint. P.S. They had 2 if anyone wants the other one.

I also picked up this funky little succulent. I need to find a suitable pot for it so for now I'm using a bowl I had on display in my kitchen, and it's sitting on my Normann Copenhagen Tablo table.

I'm not doing any gardening this summer as I don't really care what the yard looks like at this point, but I always buy hanging baskets for my ugly porch and I am a sucker for succulents and had this great pot I was dying to use...

Here are a couple of photos I snapped on my phone yesterday at the cottage. There is NOTHING like cottage season after a loooooong winter to rejuvenate you.



Start watching from 8:30 to about 10:45 (thanks to my husband for sending me this link)


You know this is EXACTLY what cats are thinking

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