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Photo love

I heard about an iPhone app called Printic recently where you upload some photos, and provide an address and the photos will be printed in Polaroid form and sent off in the mail. This was right around the time myself and my 2 sisters each lost one of our cats, so I sent my husband and both my sisters some photos of our beloved cats (along with one of my niece and nephew). I had everyone in tears when they opened the envelopes. 

Here are my photos of Edgar, whom we miss so much, and one of Cheeks, my husband's little buddy (who is about 21 years old and isn't doing so well).

I taped them to the wall right next to my desk so I can see their adorable faces on a daily basis. 

My sister Jen put the photo of my niece Gianna and her cat Pugley on her fridge. 

What a lovely way to send a little something to someone for any occasion. And it's done the old-fashioned way, through the post. Imagine that! :) 


Also listening to this right now


Listening to this right now


some jewelry love

I blogged this over on closet rivalry but I had to share it here too. Barbara of AdorN makes FABULOUS jewelry all by hand and made me the most incredible ring...and sent me a little extra one with the scrap silver! She even blogged the process of making it! Go check out her pieces - they're really awesome. I'm going to be wearing my rings constantly. :)


a little overdue project

Since moving my work area to the tiny space between the kitchen and living room (my former workspace was a room at the back of my house that I think was built over a deck and not insulated and I refuse to work in there in the winter), I've been using an antique secretary desk I've had kicking around for a few years since it's compact. At some point someone painted it a mint green, and then rubbed a yellow stain all over it. Really bad faux finishing job. I couldn't take it anymore, so I finally got around to painting it. Here are some before photos:

As I have an affinity for flat black paint, that was of course what I painted it. But I gave it a little twist, and painted the bottom half of the legs in glossy black. I'm very happy with the results - but anything would have been an improvement. (Pay no attention to the curtain in the window - I have another project in mind for that).

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