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Some new things have arrived over the past couple for days that I thought I would share. 

First is something not related to decor but it's a doozie so I had to share a photo. I went to a tattoo convention in Montreal on Friday in the hopes of getting inked by one of my top 2 favourite tattoo artists, Pari Corbitt, who lives in Perth, Australia. Turns out showing up 1.5 hours early, sneaking in and stalking him paid off - I ended up being his first client. AND GUESS WHAT I GOT?!

It is so beautiful, and it looks incredible (on my upper arm). I am SOOOO HAPPY I was able to do this (thanks to some overtime I worked last month, every other cent I don't really have has to go towards the care of the feral cats. 

And on that note, luckily I have a business account for home decor needs so I was able to nab this fox skull from local thrifter/scavenger Joel of Antiquus Goods. He threw in the silver dish he made into a candle. Love both!

I have been bugging my husband for a while to make me a console table for a corner of the living room so I can use it as a prop table for taking photos of all the crap I bring into this house. He whipped one up last night out of reclaimed wood he had on hand - it turned out awesome!

(wooden diamonds available in hubby's Etsy shop)


Black Rooster

There is a decor shop I discovered in Toronto via Instagram a while ago that I thought I would share since I am now dying for a road trip. It is called Black Rooster Decor, located on Queen St. East. They are all about glitz and glam, Hollywood Regency art-deco-esque. The good news - they ship internationally and free within Ontario! The bad news - they carry alot of knock-offs. Their Instagram account is eye candy to the max, so I nabbed these photos from there for your viewing pleasure. :)


Latest finds

I returned from Mexico with a few goodies for my house. I think I should have just brought a second suitcase and filled it with trinkets. If only money allowed... But I did find some pretty cool things. I think I am going to need a Mexican art wall somewhere in this house for my growing collection of tin, crosses and such.

From various shops in Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita

I bought this beautiful handmade and hand painted vase from an art gallery in Old Town called Galeria Alpacora. Next to it are some cool coral type branches and what I think might be a bird skull I found on the beach.

The day I returned home I went to the new Goods shop that opened a week ago on Dalhousie St. Awesome stuff! 

Bowls, the perfect size for pasta, are by 18Karat, narwhal linen tea towel by Hatchet, and some gorg glasses with gold accent to display in my kitchen (gawd I need to finish it one of these days)



Yesterday was Jeff's birthday, so I told him he had to pick the restaurant for his birthday dinner. He chose town.. We had only been there once before, a few years ago for my birthday, so we were due for a visit. And the online menu said they had steak, and Jeff wanted steak for his birthday. (Sorry for the crap iPhone pics)

we shared the beef carpaccio {tenderloin/pickled mushrooms & jalapenos/parmesan/toast/arugula/anchovy vinaigrette}. delish.

my main was crispy skin trout {bacon/lentils/squash mostarda/apple salad/squash purée/crème fraîche}. super delish. the extra crispy trout skin bits were divine.

it turns out they weren't serving steak. jeff was not a happy camper at first but decided to get the closest thing they had to a steak - milk braised beef cheek {oyster mushroom fritto/duck fat confit parsnips/spicy almonds/gremolata/red wine marmalade/farrotto}. he liked it :)

my dessert was buttermilk panna cotta {caramel poached apple/cheddar & pecan crumble/aple balsamic reduction}

jeff's dessert was a chocolate budino tart {white wine poached pear/caramel sauce/caramel popcorn & peanuts/olive oil}

i'm always up for trying cocktail concoctions. this was fantastic - cam'ron's kick {cardamom/dillons unfiltered gin 22/black peppercorns/grapefruit}.

i also had to try this - MC cobbler {cranberry syrup/lot 40 whiskey/dry sherry/nebbiolo/lemon}. also yummy and boozy. 

Our only beef (LOL) was that they weren't serving what their online menu stated, and to a birthday boy dreaming of steak for an entire week, it was disappointing but I think he got over it. And the restaurant is so narrow that the main hallway between table is maybe a foot wide so staff kicked or knocked into my chair at least a dozen times... but that's no one's fault except maybe the guy behind me who could have moved his chair in a bit more. The food and great service made up for it. 


Little Bishop Pendant Light Hook

This is a really cool idea. For years, Dominique Hunter an interior designer from Melbourne Australia has been frustrated with the makeshift method in which cable hung pendant lights were secured. The common solution at the time was not appropriate for many of the great lights she used in her interiors. So she enlisted the help of her partner Antony Richards to create an elegant and natural way to hang her lights – the Little Bishop. As the manager of their business – Hunter & Richards – Antony used his spare time and background in jewellery design to carefully hand craft a hook that would suspend cable hung ceiling lights with no knot, clamp, bolt, screw or clip. There are so many cool light fittings around, and just because you’re not spending a lot on one doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the minor details and finish of an interior project by using a cheap hook from the hardware store. We wanted something that was designed for this purpose alone, a solution that would suit any pendant no matter the budget or style of interior. They're running a Kickstarter campaign. I really hope it succeeds.