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Antiquing in Kingston

I had the day off work yesterday so hubby and I went antiquing so he could look for some vintage radios for upcoming shows he's participating in. I didn't buy much but I sure could have - especially @ End of the Thread Antique Emporium

Earthenware vase, Asian wooden doll and Himalayan cat metal tray from Collins Bay flea market, Century book from Antique Alley, glass decanter and jar from End of the Thread.


Birthday dinner at Fauna

Monday I turned age I have been completely dreading for about 20 years. I took the day off work and did nothing exciting, but husband did take me out for breakfast, and then dinner. We ate at Fauna, a restaurant I have been dying to try since it opened. We adored everything we ordered. Aside from the place pretty noisy and it being hard to carry on a conversation, it was a fantastic evening. 

I have always been a fan of Emeco Navy chairs, but this was the first time I have ever spent a significant amount of time sitting on one. Far more comfy than I anticipated. :) The light fixtures are cool - I think they were all provided by Mike from The Modern Shop.

I started with this incredible cocktail - I wanted a pitcher of it. blue sea = ungava gin / cucumber / black pepper / grapefruit / lemon

Jeff's cocktail was also amazing. the other way = jalapeno infused tromba blanco / agave / lime / plum / cilantro

I wasn't sure how apricots and granola would work as an appetizer but I was blown away. apricot salad = gouda / ginger / almond granola / granola / sheep's feta

It was hilarious watching Jeff try to get through all these olives. 

I decided to skip wine and just have another cocktail with dinner. price tea = lemongrass / earl grey / rooibos / bourbon / citrus

My main was freaking delish. tuna = corn / artichokes / white soy / chili / scallions / carrots / dashi

Jeff had steak (sirloin?) - it's not on the menu so I don't have details but he was in heaven. 

My dessert was pavlova= nectarine / apricot / lavage / bee pollen / honey / lemon sorbet

Jeff had chocolate and malt = chocolate cookies / smoked almond brittle / dolce de leche / chocolate foam / malt semifreddo


Pinch + Timorous Beasties

I'm a little late to this game as it launched in January at Maison et Objet but this sofa collaboration between Pinch and Timorous Beasties is the SHIT. 



Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I told Jeff to look at the menus of several restaurants around Ottawa, and his first choice was gezellig. This restaurant (Stephen Beckta's third) situated in a converted 1950's bank, was a hit. It was our first visit and certainly won't be our last. We loved everything we ordered, from cocktails to dessert. The staff was awesome as well.

The view from our table right at the front window. I didn't realize that bench seat blocked the entire view of the restaurant or I would have made Jeff stand up from his seat to take this photo. OOPS. 

We started with a couple of cocktails. I had the Raspberry Fizz ~ Gin, soda, raspberry simple, lemon juice. Jeff had the Tequila Sunset ~ house jalapeño and cilantro-infused tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, simple syrup.

We shared this appetizer but it was so freaking good we should have each gotten our own. Seared scallops ~ pork belly, grilled romaine, spicy cashews, charred tomatoes, balsamic, parmesan polenta. While eating my last piece of pork belly I told Jeff to shut up so I could savour the moment. Seriously.

My main was ballotine of chicken ~ ballontine of black truffle/fresh figs/chevre, steel cut oat salad, napa cabbage, chanterelle jus. I don't frequently order chicken but this was among the most tender I have ever had. (The only other time I have had chicken this moist and delicious was at Absinthe about a year ago). I had the wine pairing with this - a Pinot Noir from New Zealand - reeeeeally good. 

Jeff's main was barbecue pork loin ~ boneless pork loin, barbecue demi, cheddar grits, smoked rib, collards. The grits were heavenly. 

Jeff's dessert was the best he has ever EVER had. “butter finger" ~ peanut butter, white, milk & dark chocolate, graham cookie, chocolate anglaise. The guy next to us ordered it as well and agreed it was spectacular. I would go back just for this. 

My dessert was cherry cheesecake ~ filo wrapped black cherry filling, liquid cheesecake, toasted pistachio, cookies & cream gelato. Glorious. 



The very talented Canadian artist Yangyang Pan is one of our new advertisers and I am so stoked to have her on board. Her Etsy shop siiso is packed with stunning giclee prints of her oil paintings, and while I am typically not a big fan of abstract art, I take exception with Yangyang's as the colours are gorgeous. 

(my favourite above)