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just some pics....

....of Lucky on his hammock. And my succulents from my front porch moved indoors. Hopefully they don't die over the winter so I can put them out again in the spring. 


A hanging bed (and a tub in the kitchen)


Listening to this right now


New stuff!

I have some new stuff around the house I thought I would share. I stopped in at High Jinx a couple of times lately (the ladies there are so lovely, and as I have mentioned before, all proceeds go to help the homeless of Ottawa - what a great excuse to shop!) and picked up several vintage goodies. They always have great stuff, and I never come home empty handed. 

The cutest little Diana camera to add to my collection.

No idea why I bought this except it looked cool - it's a fire extinguisher. ??? 

I have a thing for bottles. Somewhat useless but hey, this one is a nifty colour and it's from Amsterdam!

This was found on my visit yesterday. I am obsessed with vintage storage bins, particularly old wooden crates. This one is in fab shape and the colour is amazing. (Of course a cat had to climb in it)

And I picked up this Hay Lup copper candlestick holder at The Modern Shop


Photo love

I heard about an iPhone app called Printic recently where you upload some photos, and provide an address and the photos will be printed in Polaroid form and sent off in the mail. This was right around the time myself and my 2 sisters each lost one of our cats, so I sent my husband and both my sisters some photos of our beloved cats (along with one of my niece and nephew). I had everyone in tears when they opened the envelopes. 

Here are my photos of Edgar, whom we miss so much, and one of Cheeks, my husband's little buddy (who is about 21 years old and isn't doing so well).

I taped them to the wall right next to my desk so I can see their adorable faces on a daily basis. 

My sister Jen put the photo of my niece Gianna and her cat Pugley on her fridge. 

What a lovely way to send a little something to someone for any occasion. And it's done the old-fashioned way, through the post. Imagine that! :) 

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