Wallpaper…you know you all love it!!!!

Posted on Mon, 29 Jan 2007 by KiM

I love wallpaper too….and would love to use some (anywhere!) but at the moment I don’t want to put that much effort into something when I plan on selling my house in the near future (wallpaper would not be a good selling feature either). So instead I search out all sorts of photos on the internet of gorgeous wallpapers and I hope that when the day comes when I decide to try some, that it won’t have gone back out of style. So here’s some I love from UK tile, wallpaper and flooring designer Dominic Crinson:

Here’s one for sh*ts and giggles (can’t imagine actually using this one):

Julia says:

Love the top four pics…the body one, not so much. What a great idea to cover the lampshade with wallpaper too!

I. Love. Wallpaper.

Must be something to do with growing up in the 70s/80s.

I’m thinking of doing a feature wall with a big, bold graphic print. (Psssst…don’t tell jackp.)

I’ll definitely be back for more inspiration.

kim. says:

Shannon, check this http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/“>Raterbator out! If you guys have any cool pics that would be cool clown up….and it’s FREE!!!! Something like this would be less permanent and less painful for Jack (and I won’t tell him).

kim. says:

sorry…tired. clown = blown

alexandrina says:

Hi, it’s my first time here. Google led me to your site as I was looking for the rooms i *heart* group which I can’t find anymore–do you know what happened to the group? I joined, but I didn’t receive notice that it was taken down…it just disappeared from my groups page 🙁

Also, your site looks fantastic! I love so many of the rooms you’ve posted and I’m sure I will be checking back here on a regular basis. Great job!

You guys are doing a super job. Thanks for the wallpaper links, which I particularly appreciate now since we are looking for foyer wallpaper for my house.

kstyle says:

Hi Desire To Inspire,

Just discovered your site via my blogging buddy pink mohair. Love the focus on decorating and designer rooms. I’m going to link you on “my morning coffee visits” and please drop by kstyle. I think you will enjoy. k

kim. says:

Thanks for the lovely comments alexandrina/pink/kstyle. Alexandrina, http://www.decorr8.blogspot.com“>Holly who started/ended the group basically said that there was alot of pics added to the group that didn’t reference resources and it was alot to manage (this is against Flickr guidelines). And KStyle, have been to your blog on numerous occasions and continue! We’ll add you to our blogs we love list.

kim. says:

Oops, link above not working. http://www.decor8.blogspot.com

kstyle says:

Thank you so much Kim,
I joined the I heart rooms group on flickr the day it was disolved so I’m glad I found you. k

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