Australian glam

Posted on Tue, 30 Jan 2007 by midcenturyjo

A little glam goes a long way. When we want to be girly but sophisticated as well. I love the aboriginal art incorporated with the mirrored side table, canape and lucite lamp.

Australian Vogue Living
Belle magazine, Australia

Anna says:

Oh my, we really are on a similar wavelength MCJ – I have that same glamorous Australian interior in my file of favourite things!!

Freaky…. were you me in a previous life? But the deal breaker is a love for the 70s. Perhaps we were twins separated at birth.

kim. says:

I have a mag with those last few pics in it – it was always one of my favourite spreads. So pretty!!!

I love how those old mirrors form a little vignette – and what are those small things stacked on each other in the bottom right photo.

I’m going to be ignorant because I bet I’m not the only one wondering (I could look it up but it’s not as fun): What, in the interior sense, is a canape? I just know of its meaning as a small tidbit to eat. Do educate! I keep trying to find a copy of Belle. Do any of you Yankee or Canadian readers know where to get it?

hmm – if i ever had to vintage or a french provincial .. definitly white on white … great images!

Canape is the french style sofa in the first photo. Like a fautile is a chair.

Soory Pink forgot to tell you that those small things are handmade vintage sewing boxes.

kim. says:

Isn’t it fauteuil? En francais? 🙂

My typos are so bad today. Must remember to spell check.

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