Wall decals

Posted on Tue, 30 Jan 2007 by KiM

Wall decals are such a great idea – particularly for renters. They make such a statement to walls that you may not be able to paint or do anything to otherwise. Or for someone just looking for something a little different. I have been thinking of some (in a sort of damask-type pattern in black) for the doors of my Ikea billy bookcase to spice them up a bit (they’re the plastic insert doors as opposed to the more expensive glass ones I should have bought). There’s so much you can do with these – use ’em on a wall, doors, car, family dog…anything 🙂 Here are some used in the traditional way:

Blankwalls Blankwalls
Pallucco Pallucco
Blik House of Pictures

Super cool! Keep up the excellent work! (:

julia says:

These are so gorgeous! Saw it recently on an episode of the Designer Guys – they refer to it as a ‘wall tattoo’. They did it on a big wall in this girls’ loft and it looked unbelievable. I would love to do it in the baby’s room.

kim. says:

I think they refered to it as a wall tattoo because they got the idea from a tattoo (that one of them had?) and the design they chose is a traditional tattoo design. The result was amazing! You have too much furniture in her rooom to do that, maybe in the new house if you edit some items.

Chris says:

These are cool, I love the word wall sticker.

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