Target Living

Posted on Wed, 31 Jan 2007 by KiM

My sister found this fantastic link for Target Living, an interior architecture and design firm based in the UK. They are absolutely incredible – their style is so modern, colourful and just plain FUN. I think I was having heart palpitations and drooling on my laptop while perusing their site. Here are just some of the many fab photos on their site (more to come)!!!

Great find Julia! The site put a smile on my face. Sooooo much fun. Lots of Andy Warhol for you Kim.

kim. says:

Between the Andy Warhol art and all the other amazing art, I was in heaven. I REALLY love the unity picture in the 4th photo – can’t remember who sells that though.

julia says:

You are both very welcome…finding awesome sites is quite entertaining when you are home on maternity leave (8 months so far).

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