Ghislaine Viñas

Posted on Fri, 2 Feb 2007 by KiM

Vane Becidyan just sent me a link to one of the most amazing designers I’ve ever seen. Ghislaine Viñas‘s work leaves me speechless – it’s so graphic and colourful! She’s been featured in many magazines, including O At Home. There were so many amazing photos on her website that I think I’ll need to do a second installment for this post (so stay tuned!). (Thanks Vane!)

kim. says:

This woman is amazing – I was speechless too!

julia says:

I’d like to join you speechless people…I am in total awe!

kim. says:

I would LOVE that twig chandelier from the 4th photo for my dining room – so pretty!

jessie says:

these pictures are very close to how I want to decorate a house that I am hoping to buy soon! This really makes me want to paint and decorate!!!!

kim. says:

Jessie, you’re not alone – I think this is making all of us want to paint/decorate or in some cases (mine) repaint and redecorate!

casapinka says:

The swinging bed! Now it just needs a sandpit underneath it (get it?)

julia says:


Vane says:

actually that bed doesn’t move at all! you’d be surprised how sturdy it is.

julia says:

That’s a shame…

danielle says:

Every single picture is gorgeous! I love her work.

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