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Posted on Sat, 3 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

Audrey sent me an email with links to her favourite rooms all the way from Toronto. Funny thing is she’s from Melbourne. Here’s what she had to say…..

I thought I’d add some inspirational photos from my stylefile!! Everyone loves Kate Spade… I love her home! Featured on Oprah’s website it’s a stunning
compilation of stripes and greens and reds! And Nate Berkus…..I love his work! One of my favourite makeovers is also featured on Oprah’s website. Just love the colours, the simplicity, the clean lines, the well chosen pieces, LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal blue chest! Oh I also LOVVVVVEEEEE another of Berkus’ work on a zebrawood gloss kitchen doors with yummy delectable green-tiled splashback.

Kate Spade’s house Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus

julia says:

Those kitchen cabinets are amazing! I love zebrawood (I just ordered zebrawood dining chairs for my new house).

kim. says:

Yup – I’m loving the teal chest and zebrawood too! I wonder though if the zebrawood cabinets would have looked better not so glossy. You would have seen the lovely grain better.

I think it’s great that people are sending in links and photos. What fun!

kim. says:

I agree Jo, it gets our viewers involved….while saving us some work 😉

Daf says:

I heart the Nate Berkus kitchen and had already saved those screen shots for my files – if anyone cares, the cabinets are Kraftmaid Venicia. TDF. Love the Kate room!

Thanks for the heads up on the cabinets daf. Love zebrawood.

drey says:

oooh! pity Kraftmaid Venicia isn’t in Australia! (nothing much is!) i’m actually not one for too modern tastes, but this is gorgeous!

i loved those images and love visiting sights here and other design blogs.

hey, does anyone know what “design style” would characterise Nate Berkus’ look? is that eclectic?


kim. says:

I hear you drey – there’s not much available in Canada either. And Nate’s style could probably be considered modern eclectic.

kim. says:

Wait – your comment threw me off. You live in TO. OOPS!

drey says:

hi no i live in Australia, Melbourne to be precise. but i am in toronto for a few weeks with my husband’s work… i wish there were moreavailable in australia though. like kates paperie and anthropologie and pottery barn and william sonoma… all whom don’t ship overseas either! bah!

modern eclectic huh? ok…

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