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Posted on Sun, 4 Feb 2007 by KiM

Here are my favourite Flickr finds of the week to end your weekend. Enjoy!

Mikael Colville-Andersen S. Balcomb
JAGwired So Sylvie
S. Balcomb Accolady
saidalice nikkomoy

Nice finds Kim. Do you spend all your spare time on flikr? 🙂

kim. says:

Thanks! Ummmmmmmm……no, I don’t. Not really. 😉 I managed to pry myself from my laptop today to spend money on retro finds (see Flickr).

casapinka says:

Hi guys, I’m in a long string of working nights, otherwise I would have contributed some rooms. I just need to find them bec. I had no time to save them when the Rooms I Heart group disappeared. I love the elegance of the chandelier (it’s so little and sweet) and the typewriters. I miss typewriters, in that they looked so cool.

You guys are doing a great job – keep it up. Also, thanks for all your comments at Casapinka! Kim, your photo at SF girl’s website should also be posted here because you’ve done a great job with that room. I wish you guys could come and visit!

kim. says:

No worries Pink – we’ve got alot of pics saved up to post. Speaking of typewriters, I saw one today at my fav retro/antique store – it was a shade of turquoise! Thanks for kind words and we love your blog(s) – fun to watch someone *suffer* through renos! And I don’t want to post pics of my place because that would be tooting my own horn. I’ll post pics of the basement when we get it redone and the kitchen when I figure out what to do with it. I don’t know where you live but I’d love to come – it’s probably warmer than here! 😉

I want to go to Pink’s house to play. My mum says I can. Kim, can you pick me up on the way?

kim. says:

Hahaha – would be a little bit of a trek for you Jo but I don’t see why not!

drey says:

i really like that bathroom with the pop of damask? shower curtain… mmm saved 🙂

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