India Mahdavi

Posted on Mon, 5 Feb 2007 by KiM

India Mahdavi is one cool chick. An architect and designer based in Paris, her work can be seen all over the world: New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Milan etc. Her style is incredible and so inspiring. And she appears to have a thing for white, which I love.

I love her work especially the apartment in the first pictures.“>The Style Files has some fabulous posts on her furniture.

casapinka says:

Anyone notice that the top picture’s framed photograph is actually of that very room? What an interesting concept. How ironic!

kim. says:

I noticed that too Pink! Then I thought it might have been a mirror. Love the idea of it being a picture of the room! And I didn’t realize that Jo – will have to pay Style Files another visit!

EFLC says:

Oh my, that yellow bathroom just about made me swoon.

kim. says:

I know what you mean eflc…such pretty mosaic tiles!

That has to be the coziest “modern” bathroom I have ever seen. Beautiful!

Erin T says:

Oh boy, is that bathroom fantastic or what?
Thanks for sharing India Mahdavi. I love this style. I can’t do the all-white look (although I enjoy looking at it) but lots of white paired with strong neutrals and a couple of bold accents is definitely my favorite. The picture of the room in the room in which it was taken is a fun idea too.
Jo and Kim – this blog is definitely one of my new favorite sites (thanks to Design-Milk for linking here!)

You are so welcome erin t. Make yourself at home. Don’t forget if you have any rooms to share just let us know.

And welcome Nicole. I agree. That bathroom is to die for. Yellow may be my new colour favourite.

Amy says:

another great staircase at the top. fabulous!

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