Starburst mirrors

Posted on Tue, 6 Feb 2007 by KiM

I love starburst mirrors – the way they add sparkle and a bit of glamour to a room.

Domino Robyn Karp Interiors
Jay Jeffers Robyn Karp Interiors

Amy says:


kim. says:

LOL…Amy, I had to take a second look to see what you were talking about because I was so taken by the mirrors I didn’t really notice the railing! I would give anything to have that to replace my nasty oak railing!

Oh, a great big ray of light… aren’t they just awesome!

the sites looking great guys! thanks for taking up where holly had to leave off.

and congrats on the ATSF post – way to go!

casapinka says:

Ditto what Victoria said. You guys are doing great. I really like startburst mirrors but cannot seem to fit them into my place anywhere. What is that zebra thing – a fireplace? I like how the red sculptures on it sort of oscillate. Lots of eye candy here today, ladies.

Kim love the post. I knew you had a thing about starburst mirrors but….OMG you found some great eye candy.

kim. says:

Thanks Victoria, Pink and Jo! Pink, the xzebra thing I believe is a bar if I remember the other photos correctly. Speaking of mirrors – LOVE the “star mirror” at Pier 1. So glam!

denise says:

they did a low budget version of the Jay Jeffers room on HGTV and it turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! they used ostrich eggs for the red sculptures.

Love the pop of blue in the second photo. Sometimes it’s the little details.

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