Antoine+Manuel wall decals

Posted on Thu, 8 Feb 2007 by KiM

Antoine+Manuel have some of the most creative wall decals I have seen yet. They are so well suited to the mid-century modern furniture used in the photos. Take a look.

It’s a roll call of classic mid century chairs and the decals are great.

kim. says:

Fab chairs + fab decals = fab photos!

julia says:


eric says:

wall decals are one thing i’ve never gotten into. i feel like they confuse the space too much, or something. i actually like all these designs but i’d feel uncomfortable living with them. i could handle living with the furniture, though.

jessie says:

I like to paint murals, it easy to just paint over it when you want something new! These photos are neat!

kim. says:

I can’t paint worth sh*t, so murals aren’t for me. Would be cheaper than buying decals or wallpaper though because as you said jessie, you can just paint over. Like I keep doing – been in my house 8 months and I’ve already painted my hallway 3 times and my living room twice. UGH

kim. says:

…and Eric – I’d take the furniture over the decals any day! I’m still on the fence about decals – seem a bit childish to me but I’m amazed at some of the designs companies are coming out with.

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