OMG – Dolce and Gabbana

Posted on Mon, 12 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

A few posts ago I featured the dining room of D&G’s Portofino holiday pad. Now for the rest of this understated waterfront shack. And yes that’s gold mosaic tile on the wall. Subtle. I can’t wait to try this at home.

All images from Australian Vogue Living.

kim. says:

THAT’S IT! – Jo, between this post and your Kelly Wearstler post I’ve decided to throw out everything I own and go GLAM!!!!!

Nah, but I wish. But I have decided to at least glam up my bathroom. It’a a start.

I tried and tried to see more of their house after that dining room came out and it was nowhere to be found. Well, Ozzie Vogue Living: Good on ya!
Ew yuck, while I’m writing this, dead guy from below is looking up at me. Kim, didn’t we decide to but this in our “Rooms with Art that Freak us out” group.?Bleck, he’s totally looking at me!

kim. says:

Pink, I had to share this wonderful art with the world! It seemed to give so many of such great pleasure to laugh about decaying heads adorning peoples walls.

Erin T says:

kim – I tend to gravitate towards clean-lined, simple, Modern/contemporary myself, but when I see rooms like this my eyes almost pop out of my head! That black chandelier (probably Murano glass) and the blue fireplace in the mirror wall are so awesome!
I wonder if you live in an all-out glam space like this if you just feel totally fabulous all the time…

kim. says:

Erin t, if living in a space as glam as this makes you feel fabulous – then I need me some GLAM!!! (I’m not feeling so glam these days – my hair stylist practically made me bald…but that’s another story)

eric says:

want that bedspread. need that bedspread.

Soooo OTT. So glam. Sooo tacky and stylish at the same time. Couldn’t live in it but love the audacity of it all.

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