Wierd and wacky art

Posted on Mon, 12 Feb 2007 by KiM

Much time was spent on Flickr in the past laughing over photos of rooms that had some pretty strange artwork. I thought it was about time Jo or I posted some wacky artwork. I found so many photos that there will definitively be more posts about this in the near future. So here’s part 1:

I will always love that decomposing skull photo! Hehe.

I could easier live with the skull than with those two old broads over the sofa! Gak!

I like the green haired girl but the last pic looks like a hobbit-transvestite getting dressed to go hooking. Definitely NMS!! 🙂

kim. says:

The creepiest part about the skull picture is that it says “i will always love you”. And this is hung in a hotel room for crissakes!

Claire says:

Oooh – I love the white bed with the brick and art. Such a wonderful idea! If only I could find an apt with a brick walled bedroom….

Yea, decomposing guy will never be cool. In my book, if you’re temperature is less than 60 degrees F you’re no longer decorative. And that’s being generous.

HEHEHE pink. I take it that skull photo leaves you a little cold.

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