Panton S Chair

Posted on Tue, 13 Feb 2007 by KiM

Here it is, probably my favourite chair EVER. I was thinking of getting two to put at each end of my dining table (as in the first photo). If you own one, send me a photo. I would love to see how you used it in your space.

Style at Home Magazine

Jonn Coolidge

Erin T says:

Ahhh, I love the Panton chair, how fun to see so many pics together. I really like that first Jonn Coolidge interior – the shag rug, that fantastic credenza with the white doors, and of course, a white Panton.

umm… not just yet. hehe. i’m in the middle of repainting my walls. i promise to email you the photos as soon as i’m done!

They’re almost like ghosts! They’re there but not in an obvious way!

Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton around your table. You’ve got great dinner companions modern.girl. And traveller one – Albania! You rival our Turkish reader as being in the most exotic spot. What a tiny blog world we live in. Welcome.

Anna says:

Great Post Kim!!

jaime says:

Oh Lordy. I love me some Panton chairs mixed with more traditional furnishings!

modliving says:

here’s a pic of my panton setup

kim. says:

modliving – what an amazing space! Hello white panton chairs!!! And I have wanted forever to get my hands on a case study day bed. *sigh*

Modliving – great loft! And congrats Kim for getting us an AT:NY slink 🙂

jessie says:

I am so in love with the Panton Chair! Can those who have them tell me if they hold up well? I have some crazy friends, and If I buy them I will be scared to let them sit in them! lol

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