Another apartment I really love

Posted on Wed, 14 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

I can’t quite put my finger on it but maybe it’s the eclectic mix of pieces. The white on white with punches of colour. The Baroque and roll of 60s movies. Iain Halliday of Burton Katon Halliday, an award winning Australian design firm, has grown a little tired of hard edged design. Here’s his interpretion of a “modern and traditional at the same time Italian interior” transplanted to the Sydney seaside.

eric says:

i remember some of these from the roomsiheart group–i was and still am completely obsessed with the top right photo.

Ohhhh… so lovely! Merci…

And Happy ♥ Day to you!

kim. says:

I love the top right photo too! That mix of chairs is incredible! I am realizing more and more how more appealing it is to mix styles – it’s so unpredictable and exciting. Love this post – and happy valentine’s day terramia and everyone!

It’s so weird to hear the Valentine greetings. I’m 15 hours ahead so your today is often my yesterday. Hehe!

eric says:

i just looked at all of these again really closely and i love them even more. all the tiny details are so clever–especially the baby cherners on the saarinen.

is it me, or does this place have, like, five dining areas?

kim. says:

No kidding Eric – he appears to be a chair whore also so maybe he just needed to do something with all the chairs. I just noticed how spooky the picture in the 6th photo is.

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