Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

Posted on Wed, 14 Feb 2007 by KiM

I stumbled upon photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes’ portfolio recently and discovered some fantastic photos of interiors. The following is my favourite – I am sure the paint technique was done for the purposes of this photo but the more I look at this photo, the more I think this might actually work in the real world. You just better make sure you like the table and accessories!

All photos by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Did anyone else grow up with those “genie” bottles (first picture) in their bathroom as a kid? Or am I just showing my age. Love the chinese red lacquer cabinet, the lights, the pages tacked to the wall and the yellow gulvase in pic 2. And no my computer at work doesn’t block this site as a sex site! But this is room porn 🙂

eric says:

the dining room with the glass (?) chairs is so incredible. it’s so ethereal and modern and gender-neutral–such an odd, hard combination. i’ve always coveted those chairs but i’ve never seen one in person.

actually, all the chairs in this post are gorgeous. i’m a total chair whore.

They’re Eros/S/chairs by Philippe Starck for Kartell. Acrylic but sooo sexy. I’m a lamp whore myself Eric.

kim. says:

Well, I must be a really big whore then because my whorishness involves chairs, lamps, pendants, chandeliers, pillows etc. etc.

jessie says:

I love all the light fixtures in these pictures! I also am a lamp whore! I have a bit of a chair fetish too! LOL 😉 Also Lucite and Plastic furniture!!

eric says:

yeah, i’m also a lamp whore, but i can usually find someplace to put all my lamps. the chairs, however…

kim. says:

I hear ya eric – I have I think 10 chairs in my basement in storage.

I’m at 13 lamps in a 2 bedroom apartment and there was this great chinoiserie one I saw the other day that I just might have to add to the mix.

kim. says:

Holy sh*t Jo – that’s a whole lotta lamps!!!

We actually sell the exact same Chinese narrow wooden desks as seen in the first blueish photo and they tend to sell pretty well. Now I know why… They are so simple that they go with so many looks without necessarily being "oriental." Hmm.. Now I REALY wonder what they would look like if I did them up in the same blueish finish… Wonder if the effect would come off as nice as it appears to in the photo…?

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