What’s the weather up to?

Posted on Fri, 16 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

Poor Kim, poor northern hemisphere readers. This is what the weather is like here. OK I lie it’s overcast today but it’s normally like this…..

Image from Redlands Tourism

Click on the image for a better idea of how beautiful this part of the world is. Sometimes I forget.

kim. says:


Oy! Bloody ‘ell?! Whyda do that, mate?

Me on the grog… sipping a cold VB stubbie (or two), enjoying a kebab and a sinful timtam, and the newest issue of Australian Vogue (not Women’s Weekly!)… basking under that bright Ozzie sun in the middle of the arvo, in me bathers. That’s what I see, mate. Cool bananas!

Oh, that’s a beaut!
Coogee Beach? The Whitsundays? Byron Bay? Surfer’s Paraside? (I know a bit of a Queensland freak I was…)

Where art thou…? I miss those days!

Well, good on ya! I’ll just bask in me wingeing… or start planning another couple of years Down Under.

Cheers! (:

Oh *terramia* that was the worst Australian accent I've ever read 🙂 The picture is of Anna's favourite weekend destination, North Stradbroke Island just off the coast from Brisbane.

danielle says:

I am so jealous!! I miss the Aussie lifestyle..

Enjoy that great weather!

Erin T says:

midcenturyjo – So jealous! Australia is on our “must visit” list. I think about it all the time.
Fortunately for you, my only exposure to Australian sayings is via The Lucksmiths lyrics, so I won’t try to outslang Terramia!
Although I must say your blog is the bee’s knees 🙂

jessie says:

ya,..this picture makes me angry. Because I am surrounded by snow right now. And my car has to be dug out. I hate being cold. And everytime I go outside I go numb, and have to fear for my life, because I might bust my ass on the ice. I can’t wait for spring.

kim. says:

I hear ya jessie! I almost lost my fingers the other night to frostbite while shoveling my driveway. It’s supposed to get above freezing tomorrow. I won’t hold my breath though.
Erin, it’s on my list too.

julia says:

Kim, don’t you find it’s a bit warmer today?…it must be because I can see out the windows of my apartment. When it is really cold they are all completely iced over. Very depressing when this happens.

kim. says:

We walked across the street for breakfast and it’s still pretty cold – especially with the wind. I think tomorrow is supposed to be quite a bit warmer. Hard to get excited when it doesn’t look anything like Jo’s photos.

Bugger! Ye all making fun of me accent… bunch of bullocks!

Never did make it to that lush Island, but I took a liking to Hamilton Island! Sweet mama… I long to spread wings and fly back down unda.

* my accent has always sucked. But, I kinda liked sticking out with my Canuckle dialect, eh!

Ta! (:

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