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Posted on Sun, 18 Feb 2007 by KiM

marydeluxe53 clearly loves vintage 1950’s decor. Her house is decorated top to bottom in fantastic retro 1950’s finds. It is so damn cute.

jessie says:

I used to have a Chrome Table & Chairs,..but I sold them. 🙁 I also had the coolest LIME green Vinyl couch. I kick myself everyday for selling it also. I love the funky lamp in the first picture! I have to find one of those!!

kim. says:

Lime green vinyl?!?! Doesn’t get much more retro than that! I agree – that lamp rocks!!!

kim. says:

Thanks anon! There’s a few really great pics there – I think I’m going to post them right now!

And what is that on the end table in photo #2? Mmmmm Hmmmmm.

kim. says:

LOL – I didn’t even notice Miss Queen of Busts

Want that leopard print coat something bad.

drey says:

so nice when you can go all out and decorate your place in a scheme and have no strong protests from family members! i love this place 🙂

kim. says:

I could never go that “all out”. My style changes constantly and that would be alot of work/money to get rid of it all when I got sick of it! Her place is so cute though it’s hard to imagine not liking it.

danielle says:

Those (sea)green coloured walls are gorgeous!

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