Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz’s white NYC apartment

Posted on Mon, 19 Feb 2007 by KiM

This apartment is so spectacular – all in white. How stunning is a place all in white? And perhaps, how impractical? Regardless, these photos demonstrate what you can do with white..and a bit more white…..and even a little bit more white.

eric says:

seriously, this guy must drink nothing but water and only eat bland pasta. but man, so much love. lots of ideas to steal here.

eric says:

i just noticed the chrome and glass coffee table. so hot.

kim. says:

And I just noticed the acrylic base on the little round dining table. Now THAT is hot. I can’t stop looking at these photos – they are so beautiful!!!

He has his own range of acrylic furniture. You can see it here

jessie says:

I LOVE WHITE! My ALL white living room is kinda hard to keep clean, but not to bad! BUT I don’t have kids. The pets mainly sleep in other rooms, so I guess it works for me. But when we have company,..they are VERY NERVOUS when they come over and sit in the living room! LOL

kim. says:

LOL – Bet you don’t serve red wine to your guests Jessie!

Erin T says:

I love that I had to read the comments before realizing the rooster and the hen were taxidermies. In retrospect, I realize that somebody with such an immaculate home isn’t going to have barnyard fowl wandering around, unless he is collecting their feathers to glue onto his cool wall sconces.
So many great ideas here – the lamps in the last photo with the bare bulbs feel modern where they might feel overly ornate with silk shades. Those white carved wooden chairs with the sheepskin(?) seats are to die for. I adore the base of the dining table, the tabletop appears to just float. And I must have that white Womb chair and ottoman (and the chaise in the top photo, and the tulip barstool, and a Ghost chair, and the giant milk glass vase…)

kim. says:

There’s so much to love in these photos, as Erin said, even the damn fowl. I must have inspected these photos 10 times – it’s just too good.

jessie says:

no red wine for my friends, only white. LOL


love those drawers!

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