Retro revolting

Posted on Mon, 19 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

Take a deep breath or better yet anti-nausea meds. Look what has come out of the vaults.


All images from Omodern. You have been warned.

kim. says:

I always wanted a horse in my kitchen. And an outfit to match my couch.

Erin T says:

What a riot! My favorite part is the inset on the blue fuzzy dog bedroom photo showing both yellow and pink colorways. You know, just in case the blue isn’t your thing.

jessie says:

I like the orange & white room,…everything else is a bit much for me… kinda scary!!

eric says:

why isn’t the naked woman in in the bathtub? that is the most inconvenient bathroom i’ve ever seen.

the fabric in the first pic is hot hot hot.

kim. says:

I’d like to know why back then people thought carpeting bathrooms was a good idea. SO GROSS!! I love that fabric too eric, for a pillow – maybe not for the couch, curtains AND outfit.

Glad to see these got a giggle. Love the faux fur but you’d have to comb it everyday and yes the fabric in the first photo is great just not everywhere!

Oh my, we had an avocado green bathroom growing up… ah, flashback! Icky…

Redmond says:

It's horrid, though those shelves are awesome. I'd buy a set if I could afford it

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