HGTV looking for unique ways to get cozy

Posted on Tue, 20 Feb 2007 by KiM

I received an email this afternoon from Michelle Phillips who asked if we would post this notice. So here ya go.

Sirens Media is currently researching a program for HGTV. The show will feature a variety of homes across America that incorporate interesting elements that promote relaxation. A unique pillow room? A stream of water that trickles throughout the bedrooms? You’ve heard of art for art’s sake right? Well we’re interested in comfort for comfort’s sake. Please send pictures and information to Michelle.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this photo – perhaps this is NOT something Michelle is looking for. This isn’t relaxing – this is a nightmare.

eric says:

yeah. a blood vessel in my right eye just popped.

AND i had a flashback to chloe sevigny’s guest bedroom, which i totally loathed.

kim. says:

OMG – blood vessel made me laugh. Damn – I don’t remember her guest room. I can’t get past her amazing wallpapered hallway. I’ll have to go look for it.

If you had a matching dress you could blend right in!

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