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Posted on Tue, 20 Feb 2007 by KiM

White on White

Tulip chairs are so iconic and adorable. I always wanted a tulip chair and recently bought 2 knock-offs at a local retro antique store for my bedroom. So I thought I would do a post on tulip chairs because I am just so damn proud of myself for owning some of my own!

Tom Scheerer

bodron+fruit Brukoff Design
Metropolitan Home Elle Decor
Domino Jill Dupré

my chairs

kim. says:

OH – did I mention my chairs were only $75 each??? 😉 And that’s in CDN funds. And that fabric is Josef Frank. I thought so but checked in my mag to be sure.

Kim says:

75 each canadian? gahhh…

drey says:

mah i LOVE these chairs. (recent love though!) i will be shopping for them in Australia when i get back! i love your versions too kim, did you recover them yourself??

Erin T says:

Cute! And the scarves were a great idea. I have many beautiful scarves that belonged to my Grammy. I’d love to whip some up into pillows, but they smell like a perfume from the 1970’s. I’m afraid it might be “Charles of the Ritz”.

kim. says:

Yep – did it myself (otherwise I would have picked out much nicer and sturdier fabric). The scarves worked well but not for everyday use…the material pulled very easily.


gorgeous chairs of yours. *envy* 🙂

Shannon says:

I am about to buy 2 of these on craigslist without cushions. Does anyone know where I can find cushions for these chairs? Thanks!

kim. says:

I don’t know if this helps you shannon but mine are basically pieces of wood with foam or something over it and it’s screwed on from underneath. So don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to make something yourself.

casapinka says:


kim. says:

🙂 Thanks Pink!

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