Kelley Proxmire

Posted on Wed, 21 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

There’s something crisp and tailored about Kelley Proxmire’s work.
Bright colours punctuate a white background. A little classic, a lot classy. My vibe is mid century but the freshness of the blue and green and the juiciness of that raspberry, yum. And the tang of lemon? I can almost taste it.

Anna says:

I like the crispness of this and the contrast of the bright clear colours against the white. Beautiful!

kim. says:

These pictures are gorgeous! Not really my style either but love the colours!

jessie says:

LOVE the yellow in the first picture. And the pink kitchen. My husband and I are in battle over having a pink kitchen at the moment. lol I do love all these colors together.

kim. says:

You better think of how long you would like the kitchen pink. May seem like a good idea now but 6 months down the road….

drey says:

man i LOVE this! this is colour-coded eye candy!!!

jessie says:

I would paint it a light pink. And if I hate it, I don’t mind repainting it. LOL 🙂 I might start with an accent wall also.

sam says:

oh this is so my style… I’m in LOVE. I don’t even like pink and these photos have made me crave a pink kitchen!!! *drooool*. maybe it’s just because I’m craving strawberries…

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