Kids’ rooms

Posted on Thu, 22 Feb 2007 by midcenturyjo

I woke up one morning and realised I’d forgotten to have kids. Oh well it doesn’t stop me from appreciating a good kid’s room.So here’s something for the munchkins.

Love the barbie doll chandelier. There’s a bar in Brisbane with a decapitated barbie doll head chandelier!

Anna says:

I love the Pink bedroom!! It’s so gorgeous!!

kim. says:

I agree with Anna – that’s the bedroom I dreamed about when I was little!

eric says:

the barbie chandelier scares me in a fire-hazard-sort-of way.

jessie says:

Very cute rooms. I am working on a Nursery right now,..its only a “display” room, but I will post pictures when I have it finished next week. Its pink & black, and has a poodle/paris theme.

julia says:

As soon as my little munchkin is out of her crib, I have to decorate her room like the Robyn Karp picture. LOVE IT!

Children’s rooms are so sophisticated these days. I’d be happy with any of these rooms for myself except I don’t think I’d make it up to the top bunk in the Domino pic 🙂

I agree with Jo – sometimes they’re TOO sophisticated. kids’ rooms are so hard to decorate with simplicity!
I think the room shot by Erik Johnson is really in balance – an actual kid could live and play here.
and, i like Erik Johnson’s photography very much.


jessie says:

Kids rooms need to look like kids rooms! Not so grown up. The Eric Johnson room is very cute. I love the canopy in the jonathon alder room.

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